Everything We Learned About Blackout Battle Royale in Black Ops 4 From the Reveal Trailer

With the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta days away, Treyarch released a new mini trailer for the battle royale mode ‘Blackout’, revealing lots of new features.

Despite only appearing for the last 30 seconds of the new multiplayer trailer, there was an abundance of new information on show, including weapons, maps and vehicles.

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David Vonderhaar stated at the community reveal event that ‘parts’ of historic maps from the Black Ops series would make up the Blackout map, and finally we have some of these confirmed.

Predictably, Nuketown makes an appearance.

As does fan favorite Zombies map, Verrückt. 

Also of note is that actual Zombies appeared on this area of the map in the trailer.

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Another iconic Black Ops map, Raid, also spotted in the Blackout trailer for a split second.


Although it is not yet clear how getting weapons will work in Blackout (gathered on the ground or picked in classes), the trailer did show off a good variety of firepower.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a battle royale without a sniper.

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We also got a glimpse at an LMG and an Assault Rifle.

And since there is helicopters confirmed to be in the game, there is also a counter, with this launcher. It’s not clear if it is a lock-on launcher or not.

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Speaking of helicopters, there were other vehicles also confirmed.

First up, was the quad-bikes, which featured prominently in the trailer.

Just as David Vonderhaar promised, there will be water vehicles too – a first for Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

Finally, there was a more surprising vehicle – or not so much a vehicle but a mode of transport we’ve not seen since Black Ops 2.

The wingsuit will make a return in Blackout, as can be seen from this tiny glimpse in the trailer.

That’s a lot of new information from only a 30 second trailer, but there is no doubt plenty more vehicles, weapons and maps in the full version.

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The Blackout beta is set for September, but no official date has been confirmed yet by Treyarch. The multiplayer beta starts first on PS4 on August 3, and then PS4 and Xbox the weekend after.

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey provides a full breakdown frame-by-frame of everything the teaser trailer showed off in Blackout.