European CoD Team Leave Organization Day After Joining as Funding to CWL Anaheim Not Provided

Calum Patterson

A European CoD roster has publicly accused German based organization ‘Nordic’ of failing to provide funding to CWL Anaheim – only a day after they joined the team to represent them at the event.

Nordic released their previous roster on May 27th – a move that surprised many on social media – before announcing their current lineup on May 28th.

The news that Nordic had dropped the previous roster, which included former Team Vitality player Eddy “Malls” Maillard, was also met with criticizm. 

Luke “Bidz” Biddle who was on the old roster, debated with Nordic’s Chief Marketing Officer over Twitter, calling the decision to drop them “dumb shit”, but apparently the organization had “no other choice”.

The new lineup was announced, but barely 24 hours later it looks like the deal has broken down.

English player Louis “LouiCM” Morton tweeted that the squad was no longer with the organization, after they have apparently been told that Nordic “cannot afford the event”.

The team was recruited to represent Nordic at CWL Anaheim and the Last Chance Qualifiers for the Call of Duty World Championship.

We reached out to Nordic to address the accusation made by LouiCM.

“[The] tweet is true. We got this team under contract and the plan was to send them to Anaheim and the LCQ if they qualified. Everything was sorted and the money was promised by our sponsors and ourselves.

In the last 12 hours one of our biggest sponsors fell away. They promised us and told us no problem, they would pay everything – but then yesterday we got the message, that this event is too expensive.

We tried everything, contacting other companies to try our best to sort the money, but we weren’t able to sort the whole event and contacted the team to tell them.

After this the team decided to leave. Of course, from an outsider perspective it seems like we kind of [screwed] the team, but we tried our best to stand by our words and the contract, but its impossible for us to fund this from our own money.”

Since LouiCM’s post, a number of other players have also spoken out against the organization, including former players Brad “endurAAA” Hughes and Josh “Creza” Burman.

EndurAAA in fact claimed that Nordic had been hoping their previous roster would win amateur European CoD League ‘VAL’, in order to take a percentage of the winnings to fund the new team.

Nordic Chief Marketing Officer responded stating endurAAA was not informed on the situation.

Creza, who represented Nordic alongside endurAAA at CWL Birmingham, claims that Nordic owe him €150.

He later shared a Whats App conversation he had with Nordic’s CMO in which he threatens legal action and claims that Creza is not owed €150.

The recently recruited roster seem to be on the search for a new organization already, in hopes of still making it out to Anaheim, for the event on June 15th – 17th.

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