eUnited Hand OpTic Gaming First Loss of CWL Pro League (Stage Two) in Upset Win

Calum Patterson

A shock result in the OpTic Gaming vs eUnited match up closed out day two of week four at the CWL Pro League, as eU beat OpTic 3-1 in a surprisingly comfortable win.

eUnited had just come off a brutal game five round eleven defeat at the hands of CompLexity earlier in the night, and many would have thought them too defeated mentally to put up enough of a fight against the in form OpTic.

But eUnited had clearly shaken off their tough loss and looked better than ever in the opening two maps, dominating game one and being generally the more composed team on map two, Saint Marie S&D.

Things got a little shaky for them on map three, as OpTic were clearly not going down without a fight, and despite eUnited making a small comeback, it wasn’t enough to close the series out in three.

However, the fourth map was a pretty much a stomp, with OpTic’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter starting 0-10 at one point, while eUnited’s Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson was on fire.

OpTic did begin to make a comeback, managing to put up around 100 points without reply, but eUnited were so far ahead that a scrap time over a couple of hardpoints (plus Arcitys 40 bomb) was enough to get them over the line.

It is exactly what eUnited needed after their crushing loss to compLexity, and puts them back to an even record at 3-3.

OpTic meanwhile will likely shake this off as just a bad series being their only loss so far, but it does highlight weaknesses that other teams will try to exploit.

Both teams will play their final matches of Stage Two before the break for CWL Anaheim on June 7th, with OpTic facing Rise Nation and eU taking on Tainted Minds.

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