Envy’s ACHES and Hastr0 respond to Crimsix’ accusation of throwing at CWL Fort Worth


Team Envy owner Mike ‘Hastr0’ Rufail and CoD captain Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price have taken to Twitter to respond to allegations of ‘throwing’ from OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter.

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CWL Fort Worth got underway on March 15, with the Winners and Losers Brackets being decided as pool play concluded. The top two teams of each pro pool go into the Winners Bracket, while the bottom two teams are forced into the Losers Bracket.

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OpTic Gaming’s Crimsix, seemingly frustrated by the day’s events, took to Twitter to convey his frustrations with Team Envy, late on March 15. Team Envy were 0-2 down in their pool play match versus Team Reciprocity; a match that had significant consequences for OpTic.

Call of DutyCWL Las Vegas finalists OpTic Gaming and eUnited both went into the Losers Bracket on March 15.
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Were Envy to win, OpTic would have progressed to the Winners Bracket, given their head to head advantage over eUnited. However, were Reciprocity to win, they would have gone to a 2-1 standing and so finished second in the group, pushing OpTic into third and therefore into the Losers Bracket.

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When Team Envy were 0-2 down against Team Reciprocity, Crimsix posted a GIF, showing MMA fighter Conor McGregor throwing objects into the crowd at one of his press conferences. The tweet, which has now been deleted, was quickly interpreted by the CoD community as a suggestion that Team Envy were ‘throwing’ their match, in order to force OpTic into the Losers Bracket.

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The tweet amassed lots of attention before it was deleted, with over 250 retweets and 2,000 likes. However, they were not taken to kindly by Team Envy’s CEO Mike ‘Hastr0’ Rufail, who quickly issued a couple of replies.

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Hastr0 stated that OpTic Gaming, and Crimsix, “should have showed up earlier so you wouldn’t feel the need to subtweet accusations like this. A bit sad to see to be honest.”

He also tweeted again a few hours later, this time with a GIF of former US President Barack Obama looking confused, with the caption: “When you get accused of throwing by OpTic fans, but still managed to have a better performance vs Reciprocity than OpTic did while supposedly throwing.”

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In his later tweet, Hastr0 is referencing the fact that, despite being 0-2 down against Reciprocity, Envy fought back to take the game to a Map 5, Round 11. Although they could not close it out, and so lost the series 2-3, they had a better result versus Reciprocity than OpTic did, who also lost their series 2-3, but did not take the final Search and Destroy to an eleventh round.

This was reinforced in a tweet by Team Envy’s Captain Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, who also said: “It is and never will be my nor anyone’s responsibility “to ensure” one team makes it into the bracket. We came out slow and REC capitalized.”

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CWL Las Vegas 2019 winners OpTic Gaming will now start in the Losers Bracket, after being upset by both Team Reciprocity and Team Envy. They will face Evil Geniuses on March 16.

eUnited, finalists at CWL Las Vegas in January 2019, are also forced into the Losers Bracket, where they match up against Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves on March 16, in a mouth-watering Losers Round 1 match.

Given Envy’s comeback in the match versus Reciprocity, it seems unlikely that they were trying to throw the match, but that did not stop the thought from crossing Crimsix’s mind. Remember you can stay up to date with all the events from CWL Fort Worth at our hub right here.

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Envy face Red Reserve in winners, after falling to second in the group with the loss to Reciprocity.