Envy’s ACHES calls out “trash” CWL analyst desk

Twitch / Call of Duty

Professional Call of Duty player Patrick ‘ACHES‘ Price is clearly not impressed by the current CWL analyst desk, labelling newcomers Jonathan ‘Pacman‘ Tucker and Jeremy ‘StuDyy‘ Astacio “trash cans”.

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Both Pacman and StuDyy have joined the CWL talent lineup for the Black Ops 4 season, and feature on the main desk at both open events and throughout the regular Pro League matches.

Between games, the desk discusses previous and upcoming matches, and analyse the various teams and their performances.

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Twitch / Call of DutyThe analyst desk at the CWL Pro League has come in for some criticism.

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There has been mixed reactions to their additions to the desk. Initially positive, as fans were glad to see some fresh faces on the broadcast, the reception has turned sour after the first month of Pro League action.

Many viewers have taken to Reddit and social media to complain about the lack of actual analysis which takes place, with more general, light-hearted discussion taking up much of the analysis segments.

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There has also been criticism from pro players, after Pacman suggested that Denial Esports drop their entire roster following bad performances, which some felt was not appropriate.

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Following the announcement that Brice ‘Faccento’ Faccento was retiring from competing, ACHES Tweeted to the former Rise Nation and Evil Geniuses player: “Replace one of the trash cans on the desk PLEASE.”

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Pacman responded shortly after, telling ACHES to worry about his own business and focus on Team Envy’s performance, but ACHES didn’t back down, making clear he was referring specifically to Pacman and StuDyy, and suggesting they should no longer be on the desk.

Not everyone felt so strongly though, and both OpTic Gaming player Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell and 100 Thieves’ Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt responded, defending the desk’s apparent shortcomings.

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The next event on the calendar, CWL Fort Worth, will be an opportunity for the analyst desk to take some of the feedback from fans and players on board.

The balance between in-depth analysis and more general discussion is perhaps proving tricky for the broadcast team, but don’t expect ACHES to show them any sympathy.