Enable explains why SlasheR will bounce back after being dropped by LA Thieves

Jacob Hale
Enable says LA Thieves Slasher will bounce back after being benchedActivision

While reading out some of the funniest and best Reverse Sweep comments, host Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt has explained why he thinks Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat will bounce back after being dropped by LA Thieves.

The announcement that SlasheR would be departing from the Thieves’ starting roster was somewhat of a bombshell to the entire community.

To many, he is seen as a leader that expects nothing but the very best, as well as being one of the greatest AR players Call of Duty has ever seen.

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With much criticism of him being based around his stern, no-holds-barred leadership style and attitude to winning, he now finds himself on the sidelines for the first time in years. But this could be a huge opportunity for him, according to Enable.

100 Thieves win CWL Anaheim Black Ops 4100 Thieves
Enable and SlasheR won multiple championships with one another under 100 Thieves.

While the crux of this Reverse Sweep show was for Enable to read mean or funny comments alongside co-hosts Katie Bedford and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, they did have to take a moment to discuss the benched star.

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“Austin will rebound,” he said, after one comment accused him of being ‘scared’ of SlasheR. “I think this was good for him. Him being benched, hopefully it resets his mentality and he kind of reinvents himself.”

Adding that he doesn’t think SlasheR needs to reinvent himself in-game, Enable suggests that his attitude towards the game and towards his team could alter as a result, and be a positive step in the right direction.

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Enable goes on to call SlasheR an unreal talent and “one of the best Call of Duty players of all time,” who has “received a lot of unnecessary hate” off the back of his benching.

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While the rest of the video isn’t quite as serious, there’s clearly a lot of love between Enable and SlasheR — and if he’s right, we could be seeing an ever better version of the world champion in the near future.

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