Dr Disrespect unveils his new Call of Duty map design

Dr Disrespect, Twitter

Twitch extraordinaire Call of Duty map in a livestream on Wednesday, October 2.

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The Doc already has vast map design experience as a multiplayer level designer for Call of Duty, most notably in Advanced Warfare in which he is credited for the designs of Solar, Horizon and Ascend amongst others.

  • Read More: H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Guy Beahm, the man behind Dr. Disrespect, is no stranger to designing CoD maps[ad name=”article2″]Despite this, the two-time still regularly recalls his multiplayer level design work fondly, clearly taking pride in what he achieved with Sledgehammer on Advanced Warfare. He also shared his thoughts on how to improve the 2v2 Gunfight map design in Modern Warfare.

    So, when the Doc told his chat that he had already come up with designs for a new map, it got his fans pretty excited.

    When asked to make his designs available to showcase in custom games, he explained, “We’re going to be using Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s engine, so there will be boost jump, but I’m not going to be boost jumping around.”

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    “I’m just going to showcase it boots on the ground,” the Doc continued, “So I can’t upload it in custom lobbies because people will be running around, jumping all over the place, and that’s not the intention of the design.”

    Viewers even got a sneak peek of what the map would look like (pictured below), and you can already envision how it would look and the similarities to his designs used in Advanced Warfare.

    DrDisrespect/TwitchThe Doc gave viewers a sneak preview of the map he wants to build[ad name=”article4″]The Doc said that maybe he would “stream the level design tomorrow” (October 3), so we may not have to wait long to see the final product and what Modern Warfare could look like with him working on it.

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