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Dr Disrespect roasts Modern Warfare campers with crazy impression

Published: 9/Nov/2019 14:03 Updated: 6/May/2020 10:42

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare, mocking them with a hilarious impression.

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Dr Disrespect has been streaming the new Call of Duty since its release of October 25, however, like many, the Twitch star is not happy with how easy it is to ‘camp’ in Modern Warfare.

During his stream on November 8, the Two Time had enough of being shot in the back to campers in-game and pulled off a bizarre impression while mocking them for the safe style of play.

Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect is tired of players camping in Modern Warfare.[ad name=”article2″]

The popular streamer was trying out one the newly-released DLC maps, Shoot House, that Infinity Ward had announced as part of their post-launch content plan, when he found himself getting shot in the back by an enemy who was crouched in a corner.


The opponent managed to easily pick up the kill on the unsuspecting Dr Disrespect and after learning how he had died the Doc quickly began to make fun of the camper while attempting to do an impression of his opponent, “This guy hasn’t moved! look at him.”

After impersonating the player who had killed him, Dr Disrespect explained his frustration with running into campers, “The guy is sitting there his whole life and it makes me sick.”

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Despite his troubles with campers in his game, the Doc tried to finish it out, although unfortunately for him, he was instantly killed with a shotgun after respawning, causing him to rage quit immediately after.


“Get me out of this god damn game right now,” Dr Disrespect expressed, clearly frustrated with the state of the opponents.

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Developers Infinity Ward have taken some of the player’s criticism for the new Call of Duty on-board, implementing a recent weapon balance patch to nerf some of the overpowered guns such as the 725 shotgun.

Although due to the nature of some of the maps, it will be difficult for the developers to help Doc and other players to deal with those who choose to camp for their kills in-game.