Dr Disrespect claims Warzone 2 shouldn’t have brought back “boring” 1v1 gulag

Dr Disrespect and 1v1 Gulag in Warzone 2Dr Disrespect / Activision

During a Warzone 2 stream, Dr Disrespect voiced his frustrations regarding the games change from 2v2 Gulags to 1v1 battles, arguing that “2v2 Gulag was 30 times better” than the “boring” 1v1 mode.

Upon Warzone 2’s release in November 2022, many fans were thrilled to see a new style of Gulag arriving. As opposed to the original Warzone, which sported a thrilling 1v1 battle to bring players out of the Gulag and back into the game, Warzone 2 introduced a faster-paced and more teamwork-based experience, with 2v2 battles instead.

The player reactions were mixed, with some loving the change and others begging for 1v1 to come back. So, shortly after release, Activision scrapped the change and brought back the original Gulag design.

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Now, Dr Disrespect has slammed the decision, calling 1v1 “boring” and calling for 2v2 to make a reappearance.

Warzone 2 FPS counterActivison

Dr Disrespect calls for Warzone 2 to “keep the 2v2” after claiming 1v1 is “just so boring”

During a battle on Warzone 2, Dr Disrespect took the chance to express how he thinks “the 2v2 Gulag was 30 times better than” the 1v1 style the game now adopts.

He went on to explain how, rather than simply hunting one person down in the small maps, he wants to “be able to 1v2 people” going on to explain how it “was actually really exciting to try to get both the kills” when your teammate fell and it was down to you to take down both players on the enemy team.

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Shortly after, with FaZe Swagg expressing how no one will agree with his statement,The Doc expanded on his point, explaining that 1v1 is great because “you can go in there and earn your one kill and not worry about the other variables… but there was something kinda cool about coming out of the gulag with two additional kills” as opposed to the traditional one.

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Many viewers agreed with Dr Disrespect’s statement, with some explaining how they “agree with Doc on the 2 vs 2 Gulag” going on to say how “you have a better chance to control your destiny in 1 v 1 but it was a lot of fun trying to get both kills.”

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Others were sure to state their praise for Activision’s decision to create a 2v2 Gulag, with some stating how much they “loved the 2v2 gulag. The best thing they ever added.”

Naturally, some were quick to point out how they “remember him saying back in the old update he hated 2v2.” Although it’s clear Doc hated it a lot less than the 1v1 Gulag we see in Warzone 2 now.

It’s not been revealed whether Activision will end up changing back to 2v2 Gulags, but with the release of Season 2 Reloaded only just out, it seems we won’t be seeing any dramatic changes for a while yet.

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