Call of Duty

CWL Commentator Chance Vents Frustrations With Epsilon During a Poor CTF Performance Against FaZe Clan

by DG Goldstein


CWL commentator Thomas 'Chance' Ashworth vented his frustrations with the Epsilon Call of Duty roster while they were getting beat by FaZe Clan during the Pro League.

Following a Stage One performance at the CWL Pro Leauge which saw the squad finish 2-16 during the regular season, the Epsilon Esports roster needed to battle to keep their spot in Stage 2.


They would then be sent to Pro League Relegation where Epsilon was knocked down to the Losers Bracket in the first round after a 2-3 loss to Tainted Minds, although, the squad managed to rally against EZG Blue and Vitality in order to secure their spot in Stage Two.

However, Stage Two did not start the same way as Epsilon had probably intended, with the team finishing the first week of Divison A with a 0-3 record with losses to Red Reserve, Team Envy, and Echo Fox.


When going up against FaZe Clan in week two, Chance, a CWL Commentator, hit out at Epsilon for their playstyle when down by a huge margin in London Docks CTF with an immense amount of frustration in his voice.


Epsilon ended up losing the series 0-3 to FaZe, which put their series count do to 0-4 at the time of writing. They will look to bounce back against Team Kaliber later in the day to get their first win of Division A.

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