Crimsix made an insane $22k purchase with CDL Champs 2020 winnings

Jacob Hale
Crimsix Dallas Empire
Robert Paul / Activision Blizzard

Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed an insane purchase he made after winning the Call of Duty Championship back in August — and whatever you might think it is, it isn’t.

Dallas were the most successful team of the inaugural Call of Duty League season, with multiple Home Series wins and a world championship trophy to top it off.

As a result, their players made a fair amount of money throughout the year: around $350k in prize winnings alone, not including salary or any other sources of income.

While some players might invest in cars or property, Crimsix had other ideas for what he wanted his major purchase to be.

Crimsix Dallas Empire
Dallas Empire
Crim is now the highest-earning Call of Duty player of all time.

In his appearance alongside James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks on the CouRage & Nadeshot Show, Nade asked his two former teammates to reveal what they had spent their winnings on, or what they planned to spend it on — and he likely didn’t expect Crim’s response.

“I was like, ‘what’s the best night-vision goggles the military can get?’” he said. “Dude, I want the helmet, I want the mount… I want to be able to walk my dog. Bravo six, going dark. Except, it’s Crimsix, going dark.”

Nade then pushed Crim for a price, saying he expects somewhere in the region of $5,000 – $15,000, and the three-time world champion asked Nadeshot to “not send this to Dana [his fiancée]” as he revealed the whopping $22,000 price tag.

Of all the things you expect someone who’s just cashed a major check to say they’ve purchased, this is pretty low down on the list, but is almost unsurprising coming from someone like Crimsix.

Clayster went a more conventional route, revealing that as this was the first year he’s been debt free, he didn’t spend much, but did buy himself a nice $3500 television as congratulations.

Mind you, if we had the money for $22,000 night vision goggles, would we say no? Probably not.