Crimsix claims Chicago Huntsmen broke CDL gentlemen’s agreement


Dallas Empire pro player Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has criticized Chicago Huntsmen for supposedly breaking a gentlemen’s agreement during their grand final clash at the Call of Duty League London Home Series.

If you have kept tabs on the Call of Duty League’s opening events, it’s no secret that the eClásico rivalry between the teams linked with Team Envy and OpTic Gaming is still going strong on Modern Warfare.

While the feud between Crimsix and Huntsmen’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner continues to grow over social media, the 26-year-old may have added more fuel to the fire during his February 16 Twitch broadcast.

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Scump at CDL Minnesota.Activision
Scump used his time on the CDL analyst desk to throw shade towards Crimsix and co. after beating them 3-1 in Minnesota.

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After losing their opening two series against the Huntsmen, Empire found themselves locking horns with the Chicago squad for the third time in two events in the finale of the London Home Series, the first CDL event to feature an eight-team bracket format.

Of course, Crimsix was out for revenge after taking two 3-1 defeats at the hands of the team,but the slaying power of Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper proved too strong in their first map on Azhir Cave.

Looking back over the footage from their titanic clash in England’s capital, Crimsix realized that Huntsmen were using three stun grenades during their Hardpoint clash — which, according to the Empire star, goes against the gentlemen’s agreement created by the pro teams.

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“Three stuns… When the [gentlemen’s agreement] is two stuns, two flashes and one smoke,” C6 shared.

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The former world champ went on to explain how stuns are more overpowered on Azhir Cave, too.

“On the one map where stuns are like that, I think stuns are f**king better than flashes as is,” Porter continues. “Cave is the epitome of running through smokes – and what counters that? Stuns.”

Dallas Empire and Chicago Huntsmen at CDL LondonActivision
Huntsmen now sit 3-0 in series count over Dallas Empire.

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Crimsix then went on to explain how Huntsmen’s use of stuns throughout the entire series has a different effect on how their team would counter that meta. “Point is, on that map, if that [gentlemen’s agreement] didn’t exist, our team would probably be running f**king four stuns,” he contested.

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Porter continued: “Even if it doesn’t affect the game, it’s just a f**king matter of principle, you know. Past is the past, we still got second. They ran three stuns the whole series, which also impacts [Search & Destroy].”

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C6 claimed that pro teams are “roasting the f**k” out of Chicago Huntsmen now that the situation is public, while stating that it was the second time that the team had broken previously agreed terms after Envoy supposedly ran a Ghillie suit on Azhir Cave, something which Crimsix admits is “minor.”

When prompted as to whether CDL London would have ended differently in a situation where Huntsmen didn’t use three stuns, Crim admitted that he didn’t know, but suggested that if the playing field was even, then you could chalk the loss off to better tactics from the opposition.

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But given that Huntsmen were using items restricted by the gentlemen’s agreement, this is not the case.

Following the information surfacing, the Empire AR said that both teams had a discussion and the members of Huntsmen stated that it was an “honest mistake.”

However, the CoD veteran appeared skeptical over their response, saying: “At the end of the day, imagine if they accidentally ran two smokes and said that it was an honest mistake. That’s bullsh*t, you know?”

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While Huntsmen did not strictly break any of the rules stipulated by the CDL competitive settings, gentlemen’s agreements are implemented by pro teams to stop overpowered weapons, items, or strategies from dominating the game, and it is expected that every player adheres to these when playing on LAN.

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Fans are enjoying the back-and-forth between both teams, but they will have to wait until Dallas’ home series on March 28-29 to see them both potentially compete against one another again.