Crimsix calls for CoD community to stop constant hate against Parasite


Call of Duty legend Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has called for the community to stop its barrage of slander towards Black Ops 2 world champion Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte after a serious moment of self-reflection.

While Crimsix has earned himself GOAT status in the eyes of many fans and his peers, Parasite’s standing in the community has slowly diminished since his world championship win.

He’s still clearly a talented player, regularly placing well in Call of Duty Challengers tournaments, but his reputation has taken hits over time and he’s never quite made his way back to the top.

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He’s also a player that has been frequently criticized by the community in the past — but Crim thinks it’s time for that to change.

Parasite in 2013MLG
The peak of Parasite’s career came in 2013, when he won the CoD World Championship with Fariko.

In a tweet posted on September 7, Crimsix wrote a lengthy statement explaining why a moment of self-realization made him open his eyes to Parasite’s treatment in recent years.

“My brain jumped to the ‘trend to blame/hate on Haggy’ and I was legitimately disgusted in myself,” he said after he received his lent-out PC back with a dislodged motherboard. “Most people in the community would roast Haggy over this due to his rep.”

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“Mistakes happen and maybe y’all can start treating him equally and with respect. Tired of seeing the slander people give him… He is who he is and none of you can sit here and judge his effort he puts in day in and day out.”

Crim let Parasite borrow his PC for Challengers Champs and the motherboard came back dislodged, which would be understandably frustrating, but Crim admits it probably happened in transit.

All is clearly well, though, with Parasite responding that “at least the PC works,” so it’s not completely ruined for the three-time world champion.

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Whether Crimsix’s tweet helps alter community sentiment towards Parasite (or Haggy) remains to be seen, but at the very least, he’s doing his best to diminish the comments Parasite has to face.