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Crazy Modern Warfare bug kills players instantly by walking into a bush

Published: 22/Dec/2019 17:34

by Joe Craven


A bizarre new glitch on Port of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has seen one player killed time and time again – at the hands of a bush. 

As with any new release, Modern Warfare has experienced its fair share of bugs and glitches. While most of these have been ironed out in the time since launch, the addition of new content is always accompanied by the risk of new bugs.

Port of Verdansk is a Ground War map that was added to Modern Warfare with the inception of Season One, back on December 3. While players have enjoyed the map’s setting, one glitch has emerged that is both frustrating and strange in equal measure. 


Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Port of Verdansk has already had issues with players managing to get under the map.

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Attention was drawn to the clip when one Reddit user shared their struggles on December 21, as they hoped to highlight the issue for Infinity Ward developers.

The clip shows the user ‘Gotgo’ spawn into the map near to his own team’s Main HQ, on the side closest to A Flag. However, upon running into a bush in his own spawn, he is instantly killed, with the killfeed indicating he died to a headshot.

It does not appear to be a one-off glitch though, as the player proceeds to run at the bush a few more times, and dies almost every time. 


Glitch(?) on Port of Verdansk where a bush kills you. I ran at it a few times and it bested me every time. from modernwarfare

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It is not clear what is causing the player to die, but it appears Port of Verdansk has accidentally incorporated an ‘instant death spot’, something that is known to plague video games, including Fortnite. 

Otherss joked that the player in question was failing to ‘adapt’; a common comeback in the CoD community for when a player is struggling to get to grips with a game adjustment for a new title.

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Some joked that the recent nerfs to claymores mean that bushes have been given their previous abilities, while others were just frustrated at another issue with Modern Warfare. 


As of the publication of this article, Infinity Ward have not responded to the glitch but, given the severity of it, it is likely we will see a quick fix soon.