CoD’s most popular map has been remade with unsettling realism in Unreal Engine 5

Nuketown in Uncreal Engine 5Twitter: Reissad Studio

Indie devs behind Bodycam have recreated CoD’s most popular map with an unsettling amount of realism in Unreal Engine 5. 

First featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Nuketown has become CoD’s most iconic map in the years that followed. Despite being one of the smallest multiplayer maps the franchise has released, it became a staple in the series, having featured in multiple iterations since.

Its unique aesthetics and layout saw it fit for constant recreation, and naturally, it’s even been remade in other titles like Fortnite and Krunker to name a few.

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In line with Nuketown’s various recreations, a pair of indie devs recently decided to recreate the iconic map themselves, this time in Unreal Engine 5 with an unnerving amount of realism. 

Reissad, the duo indie devs behind the upcoming FPS game Bodycam which caused controversies over its unsettling realism portraying bodycam footage, recreated Nuketown. 

It seems the pair decided to take Nuketown’s concept literally, a fake town that was created to test the effects of a nuclear bomb on civilization.

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But rather than recreating the polished 60’s era version of Nuketown, the devs seemed to have decided to imagine Nuketown in a more apocalyptic state. With all color stripped out and the iconic two buildings and busses left in tatters. 

The recreated Nuketown was brought to life in Unreal Engine 5, which is the same engine Bodycam is being made with. In fact, the pair seemed to have recreated the map in Bodycam itself.

It also seems the devs have recreated other iconic maps, with their version of Dust 2 in Unreal Engine 5 making a small appearance on their Steam store page.

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However, the devs did not reveal if their recreated maps like Nuketown or Dust 2 would be featured once Bodycam is released in full at an undetermined point in the near future.

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