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‘CoDBurner’ makes fresh claims about FaZe, Red Reserve, Team Envy and Evil Geniuses

Published: 10/Apr/2019 10:19 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 11:22

by Calum Patterson


The ‘CoDBurner’, who has been spilling supposed insider information about Call of Duty esports, is back with new claims about a number of top teams and players.

CWL London rostermania commences

With CWL London fast approaching on May 3, ‘rostermania’ is in full swing, as professional teams aim to form the best possible lineups in hopes of taking the championship.

With rumors of FaZe Clan returning with a new team, Red Reserve collapsing altogether, and Envy overhauling their roster, there is a lot of potential domino effects about to fall in to place.

Red Reserve is at the center of the ongoing rostermania.

Attempting to keep fans abreast of the inner workings of rostermania, the CoDBurner is in overdrive, posting new information regularly, which they claim is authentically sourced through their close ties to players and org members.

Denial Esports

That doesn’t stop some players refuting their claims, but nonetheless, the CoDBurner continues in defiance. On April 10, the account made a number of posts and comments, starting with the claim that Denial was looking to ship their entire French roster and replace it with a new UK team.

This was later dismissed by Denial CEO Zach Smith however, who reiterated that their roster was still, and would remain to be, the all French lineup.

Red Reserve

European team Red Reserve have been at the center of much of the rostermania speculation, after three players announced their (restricted) free agency.

The CoDBurner claims: “Skrapz and Zer0 are still under contract with Red as of [April 9]. Red has to sell the spot before next Wednesday [April 17] or else lose it to Zero and Skrapz, who will become FA.”

The account also claimed that other Red Reserve players, Joseph ‘Joee’ Pinnington, Rhys ‘Rated’ Price’ and Ben ‘Bance’ Bance were the players slated to move to Denial, but of course this has since been squashed by Denial’s CEO.

Rumors swirl around Team Envy breaking up, with Huke left at the helm.

FaZe Clan, Team Envy and Evil Geniuses

On the North American side of things, speculation looms over both Team Envy and Evil Geniuses. Both teams disappointed at the last event, CWL Fort Worth, and all signs point to changes being made.

Although it has been stated that Dillon ‘Attach‘ Price could cut his loan to EG short and return to FaZe Clan (should FaZe get Red Reserve’s CWL spot), the CoDDBurner is now claiming: “Attach is stuck on EG, and I heard it again this time from someone in management.”

Instead, CoDBurner states that Attach will stay with EG, and will recruit whoever is dropped from Team Envy. As for Envy, CoDBurner claims: “heard Decemate is back to Envy, but Huke doesn’t know if he will drop Apathy or Assault if he doesn’t get Skrapz and Zer0, because he needs to make space somehow. Faze holds Cellium no matter what, even if they don’t get the spot.”

Attach is ‘stuck’ on EG according CoDBurner, potentially ruling out a move back to FaZe.

Apathy caused speculation in the community after putting “FA-P” in his stream title, possibly suggesting he is a free agent (i.e. F/A). CoDBurner has said that they hear Apathy will move to EG, in place of either Jevon ‘Goonjar’ Gooljar-Lim, or Mathew ‘Royalty’ Faithfull.

It must be reiterated, that none of this information can be corroborated, and players have previously dismissed some of CoDBurner’s claims. But, equally, many of their previous convictions have turned out accurate.

Call of Duty

CDL pros concerned after several Challengers players appear to be hacking

Published: 5/Dec/2020 23:46 Updated: 6/Dec/2020 0:44

by Albert Petrosyan


Videos have surfaced showing amateur CoD players potentially cheating during the CDL’s first Challengers Cup tournament of the season, and now several Call of Duty League pros have expressed worry about the state of the competitive scene.

When the Call of Duty League first announced that PC would be used for competitive play in the upcoming season, many immediately showed concern about the potential emergence of hacking issues – maybe not at the pro level but certainly in the Challengers amateur circuit.

Now, they might actually have something to worry about, as several clips from the season’s first Challengers Cup have popped up on social media showing some players performing very suspiciously.

Of course, while no one’s technically been proven to be cheating, the community isn’t waiting for the court to be adjourned; Call of Duty has always been played a certain way, and when some previously-unknown players begin to distinguish themselves as outliers suddenly after using a PC is an option, everyone takes notice.

“LMAO Online PC s**t is a joke with no anti-cheat,” New York Subliners star, Clayster, said in response to the clips above. “Apparently this dude dropped 71 kills in control too, ahahahaha.”

“Boy dropped 71, 19 kills from winning three rounds by HIMSELF,” said former Seattle Surge starter, Pandur. “Y’all thought last year was bad, we in the PC realm now boys. Can’t trust nobody.”

Surge head coach JoeyNubzy also chipped in with a similar sentiment: “Useless admins and blatant cheating – we have to do better to help the Challengers scene thrive and keep players around.”

Here are some more reactions to potential hackers in the Challengers Cup, as clips are spreading around social media like wildfire after many top-name players started sharing them for awareness.

What can be done about this?

Challengers is meant to be a pipeline for future pro-level players while also giving everyone else an official platform to compete for prize money and recognition. Needless to say, something definitely has to be done about this before the competitive integrity of the amateur division is compromised beyond repair.

While it’s unlikely for the league to revert its decision allowing Challengers players to use either PC or console, they could require all those playing on PC to stream their POV, which is currently not the case.

Not counting the first Challengers Cup, which is still currently ongoing, there are three more such tournaments scheduled up to mid-January, all of which could definitely lose their validity if hacking & cheating continue to be a major issue.

As always, we will continue to bring you the latest on this topic as things develop, so make sure to follow us on Twitter, @Dexertointel, for all the latest news, updates, and more.