CoD: Warzone bug shows “non-lethal” rocks are killing players in Gulags

Infinity Ward

A bizarre kilcam from Call of Duty: Warzone shows that spectators can actually be the deciding factor for a 1v1 in the Gulags.

The fight between two players battling over who would get redeployed in the battle royale and who would be eliminated came to an abrupt end after a third player threw a decisive blow from the perimeter balcony.

The CoD community were confused after watching the replay of the kill since the rocks thrown by other Gulag inhabitants aren’t supposed to be lethal.

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Infinity Ward
The Gulag battle is supposed to be decided by the two people inside of the cage.

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Though they can inflict one point of HP, the Infinity Ward devs made it clear that it’s one point of “non-lethal” damage that can’t be used to land a killing blow.

“Rocks do one point of non-lethal damage, meaning that they can take 1 HP (Hit Point) off either competitor, but will not kill them outright if they have only 1 HP left,” IW said in a guide for Warzone’s respawn system.

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But Reddit user ‘K1NG0D2396’s clip showing the Gulag kill being awarded to the spectating killer doesn’t line up with that crucial piece of info.

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Two players under the names of Antasma and compasion_crate were sizing each other down across the Gulag pit. Antasma was brought down to 3 HP by the other player, so they were repositioning to avoid a quick death.

While moving across the back of the spawn, Antasma was hit by a rock bringing them down to 2 HP. Moments later, a flash grenade popped right in front of them just before another rock was thrown, dealing a fatal hit.

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That’s when the killcam showed the spectator named ‘UnFredy’ being awarded with the kill, even though they weren’t a part of the fight.

K1NG0D2396 via Reddit
The Warzone player from the balcony landed the killing blow with a rock.

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Trying to make sense of what happened, some people think it might have been due to a slight oversight in the code.

“It looks like he had 2 HP left but the rock hit him in the head so maybe it did extra damage?” user ‘callingacab’ said. “Probably didn’t code for that possibility.”

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Infinity Ward added the prison fortress as a unique way to redeploy in Warzone in case a player gets eliminated, but the killcam shows that it might not always work as intended.

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