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CoD pros excited by Dr Disrespect’s unique Modern Warfare tournament idea

Published: 1/Oct/2019 9:36 Updated: 1/Oct/2019 12:19

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty fans are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of Modern Warfare on October 25 after getting their hands on both an alpha and beta. While the beta actually showed off some of the more traditional multiplayer aspects of the game – including game types, killstreaks, and perks, the earlier alpha dove into the 2v2 Gunfight mode. 

In the 2v2 mode, players take a partner into battle as the game throws a random set of weapons to both teams – be it something like an RPG and a Desert Eagle, or a sniper accompanied by a knife. 

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Infinity WardGunfight is a new mode for Call of Duty that will be available in Modern Warfare.

It’s that mode that has piqued the interest of Dr Disrespect as he looks to make his mark with a tournament right off the bat.

“Here’s what I’m thinking…,” the Doc tweeted on September 30. “Modern Warfare 2v2 Code Red Tournament – Cross Platform. Teammates consist of 1 on PC and 1 on Console.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be just for fun or the bragging rights over your fellow players, with the Two-Time also asking: “100k? Talk to me.”

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Shortly after the streamer had put forward his idea, plenty of Call of Duty professionals and other content creators put their interest forward in taking part.


Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter claimed he was “down,” Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag wanted to “get this bread,” while Doug ‘Censor’ Martin couldn’t contain his excitement – spamming “yes” over and over again. 

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However, no one was scouting out teammates like Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni, who informed Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek that he would go to some uncomfortable lengths to be able to partner-up with him.

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It remains to be seen whether the Doc will go through with his idea, or if something else will take his interest before Modern Warfare finally releases – but his Code Red events have proven extremely popular in the past. 


One thing is for certain, though, there is plenty of interest in seeing PC and console players join forces on the virtual battlefield in Gunfight.