CoD players desperate for simple change to Warzone looting

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Warzone players have become more vocal in their demands for a highly requested looting feature, which would see teammates able to drop weapons for their allies.

Since release on March 10, Warzone has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the wider Call of Duty community, and even players from other games. Many have praised its mechanics and fast pace, comparing it favorably to Black Ops 4’s Blackout. 

But, in a gaming landscape dominated by battle royales, fans of Warzone are still eager to see support from the developers. This means regular updates and the incorporation of the most favored BR features to keep it ahead of its rivals like Apex Legends and Fortnite

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Infinity Ward
Warzone has been acclaimed since its March 10 release.

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However, as Warzone turns a few weeks old, a number of Call of Duty players are calling for a simple, yet crucial looting feature to be added. 

Please allow us to drop weapons for our teammates,” one fan said, on March 21. “With all the things you can drop, I still can’t believe why the option to drop a weapon for your friend is missing. Your friend can survive the gulag [1vs1] and reach your position but, they can’t have any weapon until they start to loot again. Please add this feature.”

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Despite being in almost every battle royale game available, the feature remains absent from Warzone. It is a fairly basic feature for a battle royale mode, particularly one dominated by team-based game modes. 

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The sentiment was echoed by a number of Warzone players, who agreed that it is a must-add feature. The suggestion’s popularity is reinforced by the number of upvotes it has received which, at the time of writing, sits at just over 1,500. 

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Some players argued that it is incredibly easy to find weapons on the floor, even in late-game scenarios. 

However, others countered that it is a staple feature of most battle royales, and would allow players to operate more tactically depending on the diversity of weapons on a certain team. 

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Neither Raven Software nor Infinity Ward have replied to the requests, but they will undoubtedly be keen to provide fans with what they want. Currently, players cannot drop their weapons without replacing it for another.

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In such a saturated battle royale market, the most desirable features are undoubtedly essential when it comes to staying ahead of the pack.

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