CoD hacker accidentally shows cheats on stream, loses match and gets banned anyway

CoD vanguard hacker cheatsActivision

A Call of Duty streamer was banned by GameBattles after exposing his cheats on stream in a round he hilariously ended up losing.

Hackers are never any fun to deal with in competitive games. Whether it’s wallhacks or aimbots, cheaters ruin the integrity of the competition. Luckily, sometimes they end up getting their just desserts.

During a May 3rd tournament, streamer BBluring was competing on Demyansk trying to hunt down his remaining opponent.

After getting the call from his teammate to go in, BBluring gave chase, but ended up turning on his wallhacks in the process for all his viewers to see.

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CoD wallhacker activates cheats and dies

With a red rectangle indicating where the remaining foe was, BBluring chased his target around a corner and tried to take him out using his pistol.

Despite facing a cheater, the opposing player swiftly turned around and killed BBluring to secure the round.

“Why did I try shooting at him with my pistol, bro?” the cheater asked. “I just didn’t expect him to be there.”

Of course, with the wallhacks, he knew exactly where his opponent would be and the cheats remained active for more of the match.

Footage from the stream uploaded to YouTube showed BBluring’s cheats activated in later rounds. Despite the unfair advantage, his team still lost 6-5 and they were not happy about it.

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Once footage of the cheats spread, GameBattles stepped in to explain how the hacker had been permanently banned: “The team has been forfeited in the tournament in question & the player has been permanently banned from GameBattles. Thanks for letting us know!”

BBluring deleted his Twitch channel, file900, and has yet to address the situation. In any case, it’s one less cheater plaguing tournaments and a victory for law-abiding CoD players everywhere.