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Clutch Warzone revive strategy can save your teammates in a pinch

Published: 24/Mar/2020 6:48

by Brad Norton


A fascinating Warzone trick has been discovered that could come in clutch the next time that your teammates go down in the middle of a fight.

Being knocked down in Modern Warfare’s new battle royale mode leaves you with just a few options. Either you end the pain and gamble for a second chance in the Gulag, or you wait for a teammate to revive you if you haven’t purchased a self-revive from the shop.

While crawling over to a teammate for a hand could end in your entire team being wiped out, this clever tactic could just save your life and help win the game.


Rooftop snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone.
Your squad can stay in the fight for much longer using this trick.

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Early into a March 23 round of Warzone, Reddit user ‘GreekFire04’ and their squad landed towards the Verdansk airport, however, one player appeared to open his parachute a little too late.

In need of a revive, they were stranded on a rooftop with no time left for allies to come to their aid. While all hope seemingly lost, the team had one crafty trick still up their sleeves.

“Let me try to catch you,” they said while aiming directly up at the player overhead. Not a small drop by any means, players would need to pull their parachute again if they were trying to jump from that particular rooftop to the ground below.


Caught My Teammate Mid-Fall to Save Him from Dropping the Soap in the Gulag from CODWarzone

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Despite the risk, the downed player shimmied their way over the edge and subsequently dropped off. 

Rather than falling flat onto the ground and instantly being sent to the Gulag, they were stopped midair thanks to the perfect positioning of their teammate.

Able to catch the descending player on their head, they broke the fall and revived their teammate in a split second to keep the full squad alive. 

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An alternate strategy is to simply open your parachute in time to stop your fall.

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Clearly blown away by their discovery, the squad carried on with the rest of the match with a spot at the Gulag still reserved for later.


While you need an area clear from enemies to execute this trick, having a player drop directly on top of you could be the clutch play you need to win — just make sure you time it right, or your down ally might be wishing he’d never dropped.