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Clever Warzone trick helps to escape the gas quicker

Published: 8/May/2020 13:45 Updated: 8/May/2020 17:12

by Daniel Cleary


This simple Warzone trick gives Call of Duty players more of a chance to survive after being caught in the collapsing circle’s gas.

With all of the threats in popular battle royale game – such as enemy players, vehicles, and killstreaks – it can be easy to disregard the fatal gas closing in behind you.

As many players often forget about it until it’s too late, here’s a simple trick that can help you deal with the collapsing circle and get you back in the safe zone faster.

Infinity Ward
Warzone’s collapsing circle can deal fatal damage to players that are caught in it for too long.

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A common strategy in BR titles is to remain at the edge of the safe zone as the circle closes to minimize conflict and earn a high placement.


However, this can lead to players trapping themselves in buildings or simply being too slow at times, cutting their run short by dying to the toxic fumes.

One player, u/AdamMurphy24, has shared a quick tip on the subreddit for Call of Duty Warzone, informing others on how they could escape the gas quicker when caught in such situations.

PSA when caught in the incoming gas! from CODWarzone

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He highlighted that one of the secret changes in Warzone’s April 28 update now allows players to drop their weapons and revealed that the new feature could help those who are trapped outside of the safe zone.

For those unsure how to drop your weapon, simply open up your inventory as if you were dropping bullets or Armor Plates, scroll over to the gun you want to get rid off, and press ‘X’ on Xbox One, ‘Square’ on PS4, or ‘Tab’ on PC. The weapon will immediately fall to the ground, and you’ll be able to zoom away from the gas at maximum speed.


As running with fists out is significantly faster than with some of Warzone’s go-to weapons, such as the Grau or the M4A1, it can be worth it to ditch one of your guns for a better chance at survival.

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“If you’re ever caught by the incoming gas line and it’s really life or death, drop one of your two guns,” Adam explained. “Running with fists out is full movement speed.”

While this simple tactic can potentially put you at a disadvantage in later fights, it is still better than being sent straight to the Gulag or back to the queue, at least giving you a chance at winning some tough matches.


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