Clayster hits out at more Modern Warfare GA’s ahead of CDL Champs

Ram-7 from MW next to Clayster playing for Dallas EmpireCDL/Infinity Ward

Clayster, CoD veteran and Dallas Empire star, has hit out at yet more Modern Warfare GA discussions, this time referring to the RAM assault rifle ahead of CDL Champs.

The Modern Warfare competitive season has, in many ways, been unprecedented for professional Call of Duty. It is, of course, the first time the competitive scene has been franchised, but the ongoing global health crisis has put the overwhelming majority of matches online.

Further to this, many pros are of the opinion that Infinity Ward have not done enough to manage competitive Modern Warfare, offering few patches and little in the way of meaningful changes.

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This has led to extensive gentlemen’s agreements among competitive players – essentially agreeing to not use certain weapons or features that are officially allowed, but the majority of pros agree the game is better off without.

Modern Warfare AUGActivision
The AUG has been the subject of GA’s since the MP5 nerf at the end of June.

It looks like more discussions have been ongoing ahead of the CDL Championships, this time focusing on the RAM assault rifle. It also appears that Clayster, is not a fan of the ongoing discussions.

On August 1, he tweeted: “love to hear the challengers up in arms about the bullsh*t GA system once again. No idea how to fix it, but GA committees are getting so dumb. If the RAM was so good why don’t you see three of them on the map? People get zapped once and go “OMG GA OP” and don’t even use it.”

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This is the first time the RAM has been the center of GA discussions, with many considering it fairly weak over the course of Modern Warfare. However, the nerfs of other weapons may have increased its viability in a competitive sense.

Clayster continued, likening the discussions to those than engulfed the AUG back in June: “Same thing happened with the AUG. Saw one or two a map and people freaked out. Like there hasn’t been 3/4 MP5’s every map for months. Tired of it, let’s just play cod and get good or get off the game.”

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However, there are pros that disagree. SlasheR, who has become known for his advocacy of GAs, responded to say that he believes the discussions are “necessary”.

It remains to be seen if any more GA’s or competitive changes occur ahead of CDL Champs. The year’s biggest tournament kicks off with playoffs on August 19, before culminating in a Championship Weekend.