Clayster feels that the CoD Burner is harming the game’s competitive scene


Professional eUnited Call of Duty player, James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, expressed some exasperation with the ‘CoD Burner,’ a Reddit account that has been leaking roster changes and moves for the game’s upcoming competitive season.

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He revealed his thoughts on the matter in a series of Tweets, where he called the Burner a ‘pathetic individual,’ and mocked those who truly believed the Burner’s supposed ‘leaks.’

“Whoever the Burner, or second Burner is, has to be a pathetic individual to legit make stuff up,” he wrote. “Can’t believe y’all actually like someone leaking personal-ass, FALSE information mixed in with slight nuggets of truth. Kinda fuckin’ sad, if you ask me.”

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Clayster went on to state that he was well-informed regarding upcoming roster changes, and admitted that predicting roster movements wasn’t a difficult feat. He likewise insinuated that the leaks are leading to harmful speculation in the game’s competitive community.

“…It’s hilarious seeing you guys eat up all this bullshit he’s been spewing,” he continued in another Tweet. “It’s not hard to get roster moves correct, and all the incorrect ones y’all just let go. Actually really annoying, because people get shit twisted.”

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He then made a statement on the state of CoD’s competitive scene, feeling that audiences pay attention to its esports culture for drama instead of the game, itself.

“People pay attention to CoD for the drama and not the gameplay,” he expressed. “It’s honestly depressing.”

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Clayster also responded to a Twitter account dedicated to the Burner’s updates, writing, “Take your intel and shove it up your ass.”

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While the Burner has yet to be identified, speculation suggests that multiple individuals could be behind the account, including industry professionals.

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