Censor explains why he’s going to run for U.S. President

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Call of Duty pro player earned the nickname “Detective Doug” for his efforts to unmask the figure behind the infamous CoDBurner, and now it seems that the American’s next career move is into politics – and specifically the White House. 

Surprisingly, Censor’s campaign is taking off from one singular issue, a fine imposed on him by the State of New York of $500, which he was certain he shouldn’t have to pay. Eventually, after paying the fine, he ran into even more issues that have spurred him towards a new political career.

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YouTube: CensorCensor has been embroiled in a fued with the State of New York for three years.
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“I’ve been dealing with New York State for three years,” explained the 24-year-old on Twitter. “I do everything by the book, I never do wrong. I always make sure I do the right thing. They go: ‘Okay Doug, we’re sorry, you don’t owe the $500,’ so I ask for my refund.”

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According to Censor, it’s going to take a year for the state to refund him his money pending an investigation, and Censor has become so annoyed by this, that he’s decided it will be a part of his presidential campaign.

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The FaZe star continued: “I’m running for president when I turn 32 or 36, whatever the legal age is. I don’t care. This country, the greed and people always wanting more – so quick to take my money but making me wait a year to get my money back. This is just unreal to me.

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“I can’t believe this system. I can’t believe how greedy people can be. I can’t believe how focused people are on short-term money. I have a message I have to tell you guys. Hopefully it will convince you to think bigger. Just live up to your word and everything will work out.”

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For those who are excited to see the CoD star in the Oval Office, the bad news is that you have to be at least 35-years-old, which would mean he isn’t officially eligible to stand for office until the 2032 election.

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We could just see a sleeveless Doug Martin standing at some presidential debates in 13 years time though – at least according to Censor.

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