Censor claims to reveal CoDBurner’s real face after calling him a fraud

Censor - YouTube

The recent drama surrounding the mysterious Call of Duty insider known as the CoDBurner has taken another sharp turn, after former CoD pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin revealed his supposed identity. 

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Despite the fact that the Call of Duty World League season is currently in the middle of its most important phase, a lot of the headlines that have recently taken center stage in the CoD community have been about the the CoDBurner.

On July 18, Censor posted an photograph on Twitter showing, what he claims to be, the true face of the the infamous insider.

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If what Censor claims to be is true, then this is the first time that the CoDBurner’s face has been revealed to the public, after he spent nearly the past two years leaking behind-the-scenes information about teams and players. 

Here is what the CoDBurner really looks like, according to Censor.
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In addition to exposing what the CoDBurner looks like, Censor also posted some screenshots of what he claims to be Reddit posts that the insider made on his own personal account.

In those posts, the Burner maintained that he was a semi-public figure who had done multiple interviews with the mass media, was listed on the board of directors for some Fortune 200 companies, and had an MBA from one of the top schools in the world, among other things.

However, as Censor argued in his tweet, the man shown in the photograph hasn’t yet been recognized as anyone that’s semi-public or been shown during interviews, suggesting that most, if not all, of his claims are false.

“This is the CoDBurner,” he tweeted. “According to his personal Reddit account, he’s a semi-public figure and has multiple in mass media. Anyone find any? Because I can’t.”

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This is just the latest chapter in Censor’s mission to fully reveal the CoDBurner’s identity and expose him as a fraud. Earlier the same day, he put out a slew of tweets warning the CoD community to stay away from the Burner, calling him dangerous.

He’s also announced that he plans on releasing a full video this weekend with more information about the mysterious figure. 

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Censor isn’t the only one who’s made efforts to expose the CoDBurner; Taylor Keating, the ex-manager of OpTic Gaming CoD pro Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, recently pointed his finger at specific Twitter account as being the Burner’s. 

While that account is fitted with a profile picture, a name, and biographical information, Censor claims that everything about it is false, and it’s just a front account for the Burner to use in his efforts to reach out to players. 

All indications are that this will not be the last we hear about this situation, especially if Censor does release a YouTube video with more revealing info.

As always, we will continue to bring you the latest on this as more information becomes available.