CDL Challengers $500K Finals: full results, recap, more

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The last Challengers event of the Modern Warfare era has come to a close as the best teams across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific have been crowned in the $500K Finals event. Here’s how the biggest amateur competition of the year unfolded.

While various teams have dominated Challengers competitions throughout the year, no amateur tournament was more important than the Finals. With $500K up for grabs across the three major regions, more was on the line than any other event in the Modern Warfare cycle.

32 squads in NA, 32 in EU, and 16 in APAC all battled it out for their shot at glory. However, only one team in each region could go down as the top dogs of the first year in the Challengers scene. Not only that but with the Call of Duty League offseason fast approaching, standout players would be looking to put on a show for potential scouts eyeing new talent.

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Some players continued their remarkable form through the final event while others came through with surprising results. Here’s how the final Challengers event of the year played out.

CDC Finals NA results

The North American side of the competition saw some veterans clash with up and comers for the biggest chunk of the prize pool. $250,000 was available in the Finals and plenty of big names were ready to give it their all.

Atlanta FaZe Academy had won a majority of the Challengers events throughout the year, however, the formidable squad fell to fourth place when it mattered most. Having not closed out an event win since May, it was the Triumph roster that managed to walk away as champions in the Finals.

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The team blitzed through AF Academy with a 3-1 win before going flawless in the winner’s finals. They met Carnage Gaming in the grand finals but kept the momentum going. Ultimately, they clinched another consecutive series win to take their spot atop the NA scene for the biggest Modern Warfare event of the year.

The Top 8 placements for the final NA Finals can be seen below:

Place Prize Money Team
 1 $ 50,000 Triumph
 2 $ 35,000 Carnage Gaming
 3 $ 25,000 Five Star
 4 $ 20,000 AF Academy
5-6 $ 15,000 Orlando Reapers
7-8 $ 10,000 UYU
Forever Unlucky

CDC Finals EU results

With $200,000 on the line, more than every other EU event throughout 2020 combined, competition was fierce in the Challengers Finals. Similar to Triumph in NA, Team Singularity hadn’t won an EU competition since April. However, they came out firing on all cylinders ready to win the big showdown.

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They won through their group bracket only dropping a single map before the winner’s finals. It was here that they took down the most successful squad in the region with a 3-1 win over Team WaR. Dropping to the lower bracket, WaR pushed through the adversity and narrowly secured a 3-2 victory over Connect 5 to clinch a spot in the Grand Final.

While they had to win two best of five matches against a roster that had just toppled them, Team WaR did just that. They won both series with a 3-1 map count, solidifying their spot as the top EU lineup of the Modern Warfare era.

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The Top 8 placements for the final EU Finals can be seen below:

Place Prize Money Team
 1 $ 40,000 Team WaR
 2 $ 28,000 Team Singularity
 3 $ 20,000 Connect 5
 4 $ 16,000 Team Moon
5-6 $ 12,000 Team BDS
HyperBoom eSports
7-8 $ 8,000 TrainHard Esport
cowana Gaming

CDC Finals APAC results

Only 16 teams made it through to the Finals tournament in the Asia Pacific region. Though one roster continued to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Renegades managed to dominate the competition once again, taking home the biggest share of the prize pool and cementing a flawless year overall.

The team was certainly pushed this time around, having to fight through the lower bracket, though the result of the grand final series was never in question. Renegades were the only squad across any region that went undefeated at Challengers events in 2020.

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The Top 8 placements for the final APAC Finals can be seen below:

Place Prize Money Team
 1 $ 15,000 Renegades
 2 $ 10,000 Chiefs Esports Club
 3 $ 5,000 Lese THRONE
 4 $ 4,000 RiFt Nation
5-6 $ 3,000 Altered Edge
7-8 $ 2,000 Altered Edge Mercs

There’s no telling how the Challengers structure may be shaken up as we transition to the 2020 CoD release. Modern Warfare’s Finals could very well be the last event we see until the new year.

With the CDL Playoffs just days away, the first major offseason in the league is fast approaching. Perhaps many of these dominant Challengers teams will finally get a crack against the very best players in the world.