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Captain Price skin leaked for Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 4

Published: 10/Jun/2020 11:19

by Daniel Cleary


The skin of the iconic Call of Duty character Captain Price has been leaked early ahead of his introduction to Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Season 4 as a playable Operator.

Captain Price is one of the most recognizable characters in the Call of Duty franchise and players have been eagerly awaiting his return to multiplayer since he was revealed to be in Modern Warfare’s campaign.

The iconic CoD figure is expected to be released in the upcoming battle pass for Warzone and Modern Warfare’s fourth season, however, a new leak has revealed the Captain’s new skin early.


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Infinity Ward
Bravo Six, going dark…

One Modern Warfare fan u/buffalowings21940 shared a look at the new Operator on the Warzone Reddit, giving players an early look at what they can expect to equip in-game.

They revealed an image of what appears to be the default look for Captain Price, kitted out in standard military gear with a set of night vision goggles added to his helmet, similar to his look in Campaign mode.

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As with all Operators in Modern Warfare and Warzone, it is likely that Captain Price will have numerous different outfits that players can unlock through challenges and the battle pass.


*LEAK* Season 4 Price in pre-game lobby from r/CODWarzone

The upcoming Operator was seemingly being used by one of Infinity Ward’s developers when the skin was leaked, after fans noticed he was also equipped with an exclusive camo that is not available to the public.

There has been a lot of promotion for the upcoming character release in the new season, as Captain Price’s actor Barry Sloane has been sending many content creators such as Dr Disrespect personalized messages to hype up the arrival.

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It should come as no shock that the files for the upcoming operator are already in the game, as the fourth season, along with Captain Price, was initially scheduled to be released on June 4.


After Activision had announced that they would be delaying the update to a later date, it is unclear when the new Modern Warfare and Warzone season is expected to be released.