Call of Duty: Warzone trick one-shots Helicopters with unusual weapon

Infinity Ward

A bizarre trick to taking down Call of Duty: Warzone’s Helicopters lets players essentially one-shot possibly the most oppressive vehicle in the battle royale.

The Helicopter is a four-seater aircraft that can zoom in and out of an area to deliver brutal sweeps of gunfire before either dropping off a squad or getting out of dodge.

Because of how scarce mobility can be in Warzone, the Helicopter can be a pivotal craft to man in order to pin down entire teams while making a counterplay near impossible – that is unless you have a UAV drone.

Infinity Ward
Warzone players having trouble with Helicopters will be delighted to see how to instantly take them out.

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The recon tool is a remote-controlled drone that can be used to tag and target players from above. While it can be shot down by an opponent, it can also be used as a flying obstruction for incoming Helicopters.

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Reddit user ‘Ernis766’ showed how potent the little piece of machinery can be against a loaded chopper, making quick work of the vehicle.

As a lone player, Ernis was looking for cover from a distant team that had an angle on them. Turning the corner, they took out their UAV drone to get a better look at what they were up against.

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Through the drone’s cam, they saw three players loading up into a Helicopter preparing to push on Ernis’ position.

Obviously the situation would have been a bit too extreme for one player to take care of by themselves, so they immediately improvised and used the drone to run blockade against the incoming craft.

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But it was surprising to see how effective the strat proved to be after seeing the Helicopter smoldering in pieces along with their drone.

Ernis766 via Reddit
The UAV is apparently an effective tool against Helicopters.

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It was strange to not see any new entries in the kill feed after the explosion, but Ernis later confirmed that indeed “they all died” following the collision with the UAV.

That’s the best thing about Warzone and similar games in the genre – a player’s best weapon against the rest of the lobby isn’t just in the loadouts they carry, but how they use them in a dire situation.

This was an incredible example of that, and something that wouldn’t be surprising if more Warzone players test it out after seeing it.

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