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Call of Duty Warzone night mode looks stunning – but would it work?

Published: 24/Apr/2020 6:31 Updated: 24/Apr/2020 6:38

by Brad Norton


Warzone drops 150 players into the bright and sunny Verdansk where only one team will come out alive. But what would happen if a dark and gloomy twist was added to the popular battle royale mode?

Infinity Ward’s take on the battle royale genre has drawn over 50 million players in its first few weeks on the market. The developers have been quick to implement a wide array of new features and even a few quirky playlists, sometimes at a frustrating cost, however.

Looking for a major shakeup to the new release, avid players have begun speculating just how a night-time mode would play out in Warzone.

Could you picture yourself dropping into Verdansk of a night?

What would a night-mode look like in Warzone?

“What if Warzone had a night-time?” Reddit user ‘shootballz’ asked on April 23 while presenting their take on the new twist. 

Gone is the brightness that players have grown accustomed to on the enormous map. Instead, the new depiction shows a more quiet and ominous locale basking in the moonlight.

Buildings are lit up from the inside but not a single streetlight can be found in the picture. Players would have to be more vigilant than ever before in order to spot teams in the shadows.

What If Warzone had a Night-Time ( Illustrated ) from CODWarzone

How would it play?

Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer component features a few maps designed specifically for Night-Vision modes already. Given that various lighting systems are already in place, this could be a natural fit. 

While players may struggle to spot enemies in the distance on the dimly lit battlefield, all competitors could come equipped with a set of night vision goggles.

Perhaps the battle royale mode features a dynamic day and night cycle that changes on the fly to push new gameplay experiences.

Or maybe the night-time mode will be restricted to its own exclusive playlist. Either way, it could be a great addition to keep veteran players on their toes.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare already features a number of night-time maps.

Night-modes have been highly requested in countless other battle royale titles and a few games have made it work. Apex Legends fans initially clamored for a new version of King’s Canyon and developers at Respawn Entertainment provided a limited time playlist in response

Perhaps Infinity Ward will be the next to introduce a new variant. Only time will tell.

Call of Duty

Streamer frags out in Black Ops Cold War with Rockband guitar controller

Published: 30/Nov/2020 20:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty players have been known to whip out some pretty outlandish controllers in years past, and now that trend has continued with Black Ops Cold War with one streaming using a Rockband guitar.

Twitch streamer TheStevieP decided to play the game’s zombies and even multiplayer mode with the absurd controller, but was actually seeing some success with it despite its obvious limitations.

While playing with a guitar may sound impossible, especially with a game as fast-paced as COD, TheStevieP found a button layout setup that gets the job done.

“Walk is down on the strum bar, walking backward is up on the strum bar,” he explained. “To look around, red is to the left, yellow is to the right, blue is up, orange is down. And green shoots.”

However, some of the drawbacks of playing with the guitar are that he doesn’t have a reload button or a grenade button that could get him into some serious trouble in the heat of a firefight.

“If I get a kill in multiplayer I’m going to laugh,” he chuckled. “The person who dies to me deserves to be laughed at.”

As it turns out, his remark was spot on, because just a little bit later, the streamer hopped into multiplayer to partake in some TDM on the infamous Miami map.

After struggling with four deaths to his name, TheStevieP ended up getting into an extremely awkward firefight on a stairway. After missing his first few shots and taking some damage, he managed to finally land a direct hit, eliminating his opponent.

“Yo!” he jumped up with his arms raised in victory.

As he let out a hardy belly laugh, the streamer did end up falling himself, but it was perfectly fine by him, who still couldn’t believe he managed to pull off the frag.

“Let’s go!” he beamed again with glee.

The clip taking from the stream ended up being posted to Reddit where it received a whopping 3.8K upvotes by users on the platform who were impressed with the play.

Black Ops Cold War is still very young so there is no telling what else streamers and content creators will try to up the ante in the bizarre controller department. As it stands though, this was one heck of a way to kick off the entertainment.