Call of Duty sales figures show surprising results for Black Ops 4, WWII and more

Statistics have revealed intriguing sale figures for Call of Duty: WWII and Black Ops 4 on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, revealing which has been the best selling current-gen CoD.

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As anticipation mounts regarding the upcoming release of the next Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare, figures have been released regarding the sale totals of the current-gen games in the franchise; Black Ops 4, WWII, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare.

Best selling current-gen CoD

The report, which covers sales in the United States through May 2019, has revealed that WWII, developed by Sledgehammer Games, is currently the highest selling current generation CoD game on both consoles.

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SLEDGEHAMMER GAMESWWII is the best selling CoD on Xbox and PS4
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Released in November 2017, the game earned over $500 million within three days of release and is only bettered in sales by Grand Theft Auto V on both the PS4 and Xbox One in the US, according to a report from The NPD Group

Red Dead Redemption II performed much better on the Sony console than Microsoft’s – overtaking WWII to take second spot. 

Black Ops 3 or Black Ops 4?

On the Xbox, Call of Duty Blacks Ops 3 has sold more than its successor BO4, which is unsurprising given it has been available for almost four years, while Black Ops 4 was only released in October 2018.

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Shockingly though, Black Ops 4 has actually outsold Black Ops 3 on PS4 already, an incredible statistic given how much longer the latter has been on sale.

Perhaps the addition of the battle royale mode Blackout has given BO4 the advantage.

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The stats highlight the accomplishments of the franchise, having five titles in the all-time list of top sellers on the Xbox, thanks to the popularity of both Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare.

On the PS4, there was no place for Advanced Warfare on the list thanks to the overwhelming success of some PlayStation exclusives such as Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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ACTIVISIONAdvanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare made up the top ten.
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The sales figures suggest that the demand from Call of Duty fans for a ‘boots on the ground’ game was massive, meaning the release of Modern Warfare – produced by Activision – could break many of the records set by the previous CoD titles.

Combined with the nostalgia of the original Modern Warfare series, and no competition from Rockstar (Black Ops 4 was directly competing with the launch of Red Dead Redemption), it’s almost certain Modern Warfare will be a massive financial success when it releases on October 12.

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