Call of Duty

Call of Duty Points and Special Orders live for Black Ops 4 players on all platforms

by Wyatt Donigan


The latest features of Black Ops 4’s Black Market have finally come to Xbox One and PC players after being released on PlayStation on October 31.


Now that the seven-day exclusivity agreement Sony has with Activision is over, Black Ops 4 players on all platforms can enjoy CoD Points and the brand-new Special Order system for the Black Market.

CoD Points are a virtual currency that can be bought and used to either speed up tier progression for in-game events or to buy Special Orders from the Black Market.


Special Orders are the latest addition to Black Ops 4’s Black Market and allow players the chance to get exclusive items not found anywhere else in the game.

The first Special Orders contain special cosmetic items for both the Firebreak and Seraph Specialists.

Special Orders went live for Xbox One and PC players on November 7.


CoD Points can also be used to speed up tier progression for the Operation: First Strike event, with each tier costing 100 CP. This puts the cost of going from tier 1 to 200 at 20,000 CP.

Once players hit tier 200, there are another 25 tiers that unlock and are exclusively filled with Reserves to unlock even more special items.


There are several ways that players can go about obtaining CoD Points, with the main being to purchase them with real money in each platform’s respective shops.

Additionally, players who purchased the Black Ops Pass or special editions of the game will receive bonus CP automatically. Any CP left over from previous Black Ops titles will also roll over into Black Ops 4.