Call of Duty community furious as Scump & others not given creator codes

cod creator code scump nadeshotInfinity Ward / Instagram, @scumpabner / Instagram, @nadeshot

A new “Support a Creator” code beta is being rolled out across Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, but the game’s fans and biggest community members are reacting very strongly to the creators selected.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag are Call of Duty icons and considered two of the game’s most prominent figures. Now, as the former plays for the Call of Duty League’s Chicago Huntsmen and the latter helms 100 Thieves, neither has been selected for Modern Warfare’s creator code beta. This has led to huge Call of Duty figures like Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez lambasting the beta’s selections.

In general, it appears that the community’s surprise and anger surrounds the fact that notable streamers were selected for the creator program instead of players who have been grinding the game long before the surge in popularity brought about by Warzone.

Instead of rewarding longtime CoD content creators and players like Scump, Nadeshot, and FaZe Pamaj, a variety of streamers who are newer to the game, or dabbled in other titles, were chosen. Those creators include the likes of TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, Vikkstar, Symfuhny, Swagg, and NuFo. While most of the community isn’t specifically mad at these creators for taking the opportunity given to them, that hasn’t prevented players like the Seattle Surge’s Sam ‘Octane’ Larew from pointing out some of the seemingly undeserved selections.

Again, it should be reiterated that the community’s ire is not directed at creators chosen, but instead at the marketing decision to partner with some of those creators instead of players who have been grinding Call of Duty titles for years upon years.

While some have pointed out that it makes sense to partner with streamers who have creator code experience from Fortnite, such as TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, and Symfuhny, the overwhelming consensus has maintained that longtime CoD players still should have been rewarded as well.

The “Support a Creator” is still in beta, so it is very likely that more and more players are added to it soon, but that hasn’t stopped some of the game’s most loyal proponents from being amazed that they were not selected. Most notably, Scump and Pamaj were quick to express their surprise on Twitter.

As of yet, Activision has not clarified how creators were selected for the beta or what the beta’s timeline will look like before it is opened up to include more. Although it’s a nice opportunity to support the game’s content players, that hasn’t stopped the community from being disappointed in the seeming recency bias toward selections.

It seems only right that Infinity Ward responds by adding a new Scump operator to the game, with crown, cape, and all.