Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Insane Blackout glitch throws players across the map

by Connor Bennett


A new Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout glitch enables players to fly through the sky, as long as they flip a cargo truck first.


Since Black Ops 4 was released in October, there have been many glitches across both the Blackout and Multiplayer modes. However, Treyarch have been doing their best to fix them by updating the game every few days. Plenty of bugs and errors still remain but this one reaches new heights

In a post on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, user krayzie1877 showed an example of flying across the Blackout map. First, krayzie stood in the back of the cargo truck with a Hellion Salvo rocket launcher equipped, before rollling down a large hill towards the Train Station area of the map. Before the player reached the bottom, the truck rolled a few metres and flipped on to its side.


Krayzie1877 then climbed on top of the flipped vehicle and waited for a few seconds before being sent skywards, flying above the map. Then, by shooting the equipped rocket launcher, the player ended up outside of the combat zone, and under the Pipeline area at the very south of the map.

In the same Reddit thread, user Cjgrig01 shared their own clip, again in a pre-game lobby, of their truck soaring through the skies.

Blackout: Quickest way to get across the map... from r/Blackops4


In the same Reddit thread, user 'Cjgrig01' shared their own clip, again in a pre-game lobby, of their truck soaring through the skies.

Flying through the air in a truck isn't anything new – since Blackout launched, plenty of players have flown through the air from a flipped truck, landing either very far away from where they started or falling to their death outside the combat zone. However, we have never seen anyone using a rocket launch like this to soar across the map.

It’s clear that Treyarch still have a number of issues to patch in their game’s next update, but we can’t help but feel like the loss of this particular bug will be a sad thing!