Blind Gamer With Over 7500 kills in Call of Duty: WWII Shares His Story

A completely blind gamer has shared his incredible story, as he overcomes his inability to see to play his favorite video games – recently hitting over 7500 kills in Call of Duty: WWII.

It is something we all take for granted, being able to look at our friends and family, read and write, enjoy movies and video games. But for one avid gamer, the latter is no problem, as he uses nothing but sound to navigate his way through games.

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Going by ‘TJ the blind gamer’, he livestreams his gameplay and uploads it to YouTube, and has built up a small following of people impressed by his perseverance and skill despite his lack of eyesight.

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TJ took to Reddit to show off that he had hit 7,611 kills in CoD: WWII, aiming to hit 10,000 in the next few weeks and hit his fourth prestige.

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The CoD: WWII community on Reddit was intrigued by his story, and TJ was happy to explain how he had managed this incredible feat.

“I don’t see anything at all so I do not even have my TV turned on most of the time. The sound gives a general direction if you are far away from the enemy. The closer you get the more distinct the sound becomes resulting in being able to identify when they are behind a wall or out of your characters conceivable sight. 

I can identify when I go behind a wall and an enemy is within a clear line of sight enough to not shoot through a wall. This also translates to footsteps and gunshots, I have enough experience and practice to even put that skill into long-range combat. I can identify when an enemy is able to be shot even at extreme distance, most of the time I get one, maybe two hitmarkers on an enemy but do not end up killing them. Up close they usually die.”

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He explains that the general ambience of the maps give him an idea of which map he is playing, and from there he can navigate the map from memory in his mind’s eye.

“It’s mostly gaps or holes like doorways, sometimes between a certain objects, I can tell where objects are by shooting them of course LOL. Most of the time I’m on shipment because that is the most fun map in my opinion and I just love playing shipment. I can identify London docks because of the sound effect from stepping on the wooden docks. And the snow map which I don’t even know the name. Flak tower has the flak gun Ambience to it. Those are the notable ones.”

Lastly, he points out the Alexa skill for Call of Duty is a brilliant tool which allows him to navigate the menus and hear his statistics.

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“The Alexa skill for Call of Duty is how I know all my stats, level, orders and contracts, that’s for prestiging, subscribers have to tell me which way to go usually. Whenever I entered first prestige or the subsequent prestiges I went live and have my Subs walk me through it. Now, I just have whatever friends who have already prestiged Walk with me until I hit the general and just prestiged then. So I follow my friends footsteps through the headquarters

I remember when jhub said he would never use the Alexa skill. I thought to myself, those of us with extreme visual impairment or those of us who are completely blind will use it LOL.”

You can watch some of TJ’s latest gameplay below via his YouTube channel.

Source: Reddit