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Black Ops 4: Treyarch dev confirms Prophet nerfs in future patch [UPDATE]

Published: 11/Dec/2018 1:12 Updated: 11/Dec/2018 6:29

by Wyatt Donigan


With Treyarch now having almost two months of data to pull from, it looks as though they’re starting to dig into the Specialists with one, in particular, set to a receive a crucial nerf.

Specialists made their return from Black Ops 3 to the latest entrant in the series and along with it, added a new wrinkle to the game in the form of their Specialist abilities.

Prophet, a Specialist that remained largely the same from Black Ops 3, will see his Tempest ability tweaked in an upcoming update.

In response to a user on Reddit who was voicing concern about the hitbox o the Tempest, Treyarch dev ‘TFlamez’ confirmed that a change was on the way.



In the video that started the discussion, a comparison between Prophet’s Tempest and Seraph’s Annihilator showed that the Tempest has a much wider hitbox, making it easier to land shots with the weapon.

The confirmed change will narrow that hitbox and make it more consistent with some of the other power weapons in the game.

UPDATE: In addition to the changes discussed above, the v1.09 update for Black Ops 4 reduced the Tempest ammo count from 14 to 10. There’s no word yet on when the hitbox adjustment will take place. 

Prophet and his Tempest have been at the forefront of conversation in the wake of OpTic Gaming’s Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell‘s dominating performance with the Specialist at CWL Vegas where he won the MVP award.


Those looking to get in some time with Prophet in his current state to recreate some of the magic that Dashy displayed in Las Vegas better hop online soon before the Specialist is nerfed.