Black Ops 4 reward concept would make the Black Ops Pass way better

Owning a $50 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season pass doesn’t seem to be providing players with the value they hoped. Activision could change this, though, with the introduction of a new reward system.

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Players who own the Black Ops pass will have paid around $60 for the game and $50 for the pass. Many Black Ops 4 players have compared the game to free-to-play titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite, and have asked how their content can be on par with a game like Call of Duty.

One fan on Reddit believes that Black Ops pass owners should get a daily tier skip or reserve case, since there isn’t an in-game currency in Black Ops 4. 

Should players be rewarded more for playing Blackout?
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This method could reward pass owners like in previous Black Ops games, however.

‘Illini_Jack’ said: “Since there isn’t any in game currency, it would be nice if Pass owners got some kind of daily reward for owning the pass like in previous games. This would be a small but a welcomed addition.”

Another Reddit user said that they had switched to Blackout at launch, and that they have only been rewarded with a few new skins. ‘Chriscase4578’ said:

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“I played very little MP switched over to blackout my first BR and fell in love and haven’t played MP sense the day after launch & have no plans to. I think all I’ve really gotten from the pass was a top hat skin a robot skin and a monkey skin.”

This frustration is understandable when you realise that some skins in the store are 8$ each.

The Cosmic Silverback is available now in Blackout with the Black Ops Pass on PS4.
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Activision could even reward pass owners with CoD points every five tiers or so, which is similar to what free-to-play games do for owners of a Battle Pass. 

Treyarch could be missing out on a huge opportunity to incentivize players to buy their season pass if the lack of content provided isn’t addressed.

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“It’s the biggest waste of money,” said Reddit user ‘waterisgoodforyou10’ when discussing the current Black Ops Pass. “Hopefully you get something more than just a monkey in blackout and shitty maps that never show up.”

A revamped season pass would also encourage players to play Black Ops 4 more. What do you think about the content provided with the $50 season pass? Get in touch with us via twitter @DexertoINTEL to let us know your thoughts.