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Black Ops 4 March 29 update makes changes to Rampart and Saug – patch notes

Published: 29/Mar/2019 20:13 Updated: 30/Mar/2019 1:42

by Albert Petrosyan


Treyarch have released a new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on March 29, making some changes to the Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout battle royale.

Treyarch caught everyone by surprise with their March 29 update for Black Ops 4, considering the magnitude of some of its changes as well as the fact that it came seemingly out of the blue.

That being said, we’ve put together a breakdown of all the major changes below, after which you can find the full patch notes for the update as posted by Treyarch.

Changes to Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Arguably the most important aspect of the March 29 update was the weapon tuning it delivered to the Rampart assault rifle and Saug 9mm submachine gun.

After analyzing community feedback, Treyarch have nerfed the “overperforming Rampart,” adjusting its damage per shot from 46 to 40, slightly reducing its ADS-in speed, and having the High Caliber I and II shots deal 70 damage when hitting parts of the body affecting the attachment.

The Saug, on the other hand, has been buffed yet again, with its six-shot range having been slightly increased. This comes after the Saug’s sprint-out speed was increased in a recent weapon tuning.

Drift0rThe Rampart, which had quickly become one of the most powerful weapons in Black Ops 4, has been nerfed in the March 29 update.

Changes to Black Ops 4 Blackout

This update didn’t really do much for Blackout, as its changes included fixing the Quick Equip Meny scroll, adding game type information to the map loading screen, changing up the featured playlists, and implementing stability fixes.

Changes to Black Ops 4 Zombies

This update included two separate sections for Zombies – changes made to all platforms and changes made to just the PlayStation 4.

For the PS4 changes, the Hand of Gala’s charged shot in the Ancient Evil map now always kills zombies in one shot. Other than that, the rest of the Zombies update was pretty much just bug fixes and stability enhancements. 

Full patch notes for March 29 Black Ops 4 update


  • 2XP Weekend
    • Now live through 10AM PT Monday, April 1:
      • 2XP in Multiplayer
      • 2XP in Zombies
      • 2XP in League Play
      • 2X Merits in Blackout


  • Weapons

The Rampart has been slightly overperforming in its weapon class lately, so we’ve got some tuning changes in this update. Damage per shot has been reduced a bit from 46 to 40, High Caliber shots do 70 damage per hit to parts of the body affected by High Caliber, and ADS-in speed has been slightly reduced to better balance the Rampart against the rest of the assault rifles in the current meta.

We’ve also slightly increased the 6-shot range on the Saug 9mm SMG, and for those OCD players running the Daemon 3XB with iron sights, we’ve realigned a couple of pixels to make it 100% dead-center. Yeah, it was bothering us too.

  • Rampart
    • Adjusted damage per shot from 46 to 40.
    • High Caliber I-II shots deal 70 damage when hitting parts of the body affected by High Caliber.
    • Slightly reduced ADS-in speed.
  • Saug 9mm
    • Slightly increased 6-shot range.
  • Daemon 3XB
    • Iron sights are now properly centered.
  • Scorestreaks
    • Dart
      • Addressed an issue where the Dart could self-destruct when maneuvering quickly around the map.
  • Reactive Camos
    • Addressed an issue that would show an unwrapped Reactive Camos as wrapped in Custom Games.
  • Barebones
    • After Action Report now properly appears after Hardcore Barebones matches.
  • Friendly Fire
    • 20-second respawn penalty now occurs after a 5th teamkill in Hardcore and League Play matches.
  • Stability
    • Fixed various potential crashes.


  • Quick Equip Menu
    • Quick Equip Menu scroll behavior now works as intended when using alternate button layout settings.
  • UI
    • Added game type information to the map loading screen.
  • Low-Population Playlists
    • Featured Playlist set to Hardcore.
    • Rotating playlist set to Solos.
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when the host quits a Custom Match after deployment after having been in a previous Custom Match that was played to completion.


  • Perks
    • Added individual sound FX when equipping Perks.
    • Addressed an issue where Stone Cold Stronghold prevented the player from acquiring an armor buff from Special Weapons.


  • Stability
    • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when using the Zombshell Perk.
  • Ancient Evil
    • Wonder Weapons
      • Hand of Gaia’s charged shot now always kills zombies in one shot.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Addressed an issue where zombies would cease to spawn if a player started the “Light” step during the Main Quest.
      • Addressed an issue where players were able to Fast Travel during defense in Rush Mode.
      • Addressed an issue where the Objective Marker would remain visible during the defend moment.
      • Addressed an error that could occur when both the player and a bot were downed during the Sentinel Artifact event.
      • Addressed an issue where being revived during the Boss Fight with “Join the Party” caused players to lose functionality.
    • Stability
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with the statues during the Main Quest.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur while playing as Shaw during “Blood” step of the Main Quest.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected while auto-reviving.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected during the Wonder Weapon upgrade quest.
      • Fixed a potential crash caused by Wonder Weapon FX impact.
Call of Duty

Warzone world record smashed with new longest-range sniper shot

Published: 30/Nov/2020 6:49 Updated: 30/Nov/2020 6:57

by Brad Norton


Warzone world records are always a sight to behold and the record for the longest-range snipe has just been smashed thanks to some patience from a few dedicated gaming ‘mythbusters.’

Four months after their initial experiments set the Warzone community on fire, ‘DefendTheHouse’ have returned. While their early sniping tests revealed the longest range possible when hitting a vehicle, the results weren’t quite definitive enough.

Due to in-game limitations, bullets could only travel so far back in July. The only way to truly gauge the longest possible shot was to tag a vehicle, rather than an opposing player. However, that’s no longer the case.

Thanks to the implementation of custom games in Warzone, even the most extreme tests are possible. It didn’t take long before the longest snipe was set in stone for good.

Previously, anything beyond 2,495 metres in the test would simply cut out. The shot would fizzle up in the sky and there would be absolutely no impact.

But, thanks to the help of custom games “and 40 human beings,” the content creators could properly test snipers once and for all.

YouTube: DefendTheHouse
The new world-record has been set at 3,068.07 metres.

With one player set up over at the prison, a huge group of enemies gathered by the dam. Over 3,000 metres separated them but it took some time to get things right. From such a long-range, refining the angle was a challenge in its own right.

After plenty of test shots, and even dinging the nearby vehicles a few times, the world record shot finally came through. 3,068.07 metres was recorded by the DefendTheHouse crew. A near 600-metre improvement over their former world record.

Obviously, this was done in a custom lobby thanks to the help of the community. The record makes one thing clear though; this distance is possible in a Warzone match now too, as long as your aim and timing are both flawless.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while it took four months for this record to change, the new world’s best could be replaced in just a few days.

Every weapon from Black Ops Cold War is about to transition into Warzone on December 10. From the Pellington to the M82, perhaps one of the new snipers could trump everything Modern Warfare had to offer.