Black Ops 4: How does bullet drop work for all weapons in Blackout?

Bullet drop is an important aspect of any battle royale title and Black Ops 4’s Blackout is no different, as different weapons have various bullet drop patterns that players have to be aware of.

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While it’s easy to tell just by playing the game that weapons have different bullet drop values, it’s been a bit hard to test each one under different conditions in the game.

Now that Custom Games have been released, though, the conditions are finally perfect to get an in-depth look at just how bullet drop works in Blackout.

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Call of Duty expert TheXclusiveAce has dug into all the stats for every single gun in the game and has come to some surprising conclusions.

To test bullet drop, TheXclusiveAce takes each weapon to a specific spot on the map to shoot a turbine with the same aiming location for each shot.

The first thing he finds is that bullet travel time is directly correlated to bullet drop, meaning the more bullet drop you have, the slower the bullets will travel.

While it was expected that each weapon class would have similar bullet drop, TheXclusiveAce finds that certain SMGs have varying bullet drops while all sniper rifles and assault rifles have identical bullet drop.

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TheXclusiveAce also took a look at the Extended Barrel and Suppressor attachment to make a couple new discoveries. 

While he expected Suppressors to reduce the range more than one would like, he finds that they don’t have much of a negative effect at all, as they only slightly reduce the range.  

When it comes to Extended Barrels, it turns out they actually do reduce the bullet drop enough to be noticeable while also extending the range slightly.

In addition to the findings of TheXclusiveAce, Treyarch themselves have released a detailed breakdown of how bullet drop works and even gave some tips on how to improve your aim in Blackout.