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Clayster left in disbelief after trade kill loss in CMG ProDown

Published: 7/Jan/2019 12:45 Updated: 7/Jan/2019 14:06

by David Purcell


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks couldn’t believe what he was seeing on Black Ops 4 when a trade kill resulted in a loss during the CMG ProDown tournament

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The veteran Call of Duty player landed the first shot on his opponent during a tense gunfight and after both players were eliminated at the same time, he was shocked to discover that his team had lost the round.

His team went on to lose this map 6-5 and the series 4-3 to Enigma6, but did beat them in a losers bracket rematch. Clearly bemused by the death and its impact on his team, it’s fair to say that Clay didn’t hold back during a fiery outburst aimed at the game. 


Using the Saug 9mm can result in a trade kill due to the ballistics mechanic on submachine guns.
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“We traded… What? I don’t win that” he said. “Bro, this game is fucking trash. What the fuck, man? I don’t get the fucking win for that?”

Clayster might have put his point across in strong terms, but he did appear to not only land the first shot but continue to hit the player from the other team – who was using the exact same weapon as him, the Saug 9mm submachine gun.

For those who are not aware, kill trading is when both players kill each other at the same time and are both handed a trade medal. Clayster and his team argued that in this instance both players should have died, which would have ended in a draw between the two – not a win for the other team – hence, his frustration. 


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To counter that, though, Reddit user EightBitNacho posted: “In this clip, eU were on offense, so their objective was to plant the bomb and then protect it until it explodes. 

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“The bomb wasn’t planted and no-one was alive to do so, so they lost. It doesn’t matter that the defense was all dead because their objective was to stop the bomb from being planted, and they did.” 

Clayster is a contracted AR player for eUnited and will remain with the team until 2020, after announcing that he had put putting pen to paper on a contract extension in October of last year.