Black Ops 4: Blackout set to receive major updates with Operation Grand Heist – new locations, vehicles, Prestige system, and more

The upcoming Operation Grand Heist content stream in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is set to introduce a massive slew of new content for the Blackout battle royale mode.

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The content stream will be adding a brand new location to the map, along with several new vehicles, new playable structures, gameplay and Armor tuning updates, the all-new Prestige system, several cosmetic items and characters, a brand new game mode, and much more.

Most of this content will be coming when Operation Grand Heist goes live on February 19 for the PlayStation 4, although some of it will be released in the days following. 

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Ghost Town location

Maybe the biggest addition to Blackout in Operation Grand Heist is the brand new Ghost Town, which will feature a combination of two popular and well-known maps from previous Black Ops titles.

The map features two levels, with the the Outlaw Multiplayer map from Black Ops 3 located above the Buried Zombies map that’s buried in a cave underneath. 

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Here’s an updated picture of the Blackout map showing where this new Ghost Town will be located, along with other smaller new structures. 

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Prestige System

The launch of Operation Grand Heist will allow players to level up beyond Echelon 80 thanks to the brand new Prestige System that will be implemented.

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Much like Multiplayer, this system will allow players to rank up their Prestige up to 10 times “on their way to becoming a Blackout Prestige Master.” Players who Prestige will unlock unique Prestige icons, Calling Cards, and more.

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New game modes

Operation Grand Heist will be adding two brand new game modes called Hot Pursuit and One in the Chamber in Blackout.

Although not much is yet known about One in the Chamber, Hot Pursuit has been revealed to be a respawn-enabled mode that will involve players searching for cash and across the entire map and deposit at certain locations. 

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Here is the official in-game description:

Locate the cash and deposit at safes across the map in this new, respawn-enabled game mode. The team with the most money wins.


With the addition of the new Hot Pursuit game mode will also come three brand new vehicles – SUV police vehicle, PBR patrol boat, and Muscle Car.

While these three vehicles will certainly feature in the game mode, it’s not yet clear whether they will be available yet in the core default modes of Blackout, although that does certainly seem to be the case in all likelihood.

Cosmetic items and characters

Operation Grand Heist will introduce a flurry of new cosmetic items for players to use in Blackout, as well as the brand new Cosmic Silverback Gorilla character, which will only be available for Black Ops Pass owners.

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However, there will be plenty of new characters and cosmetics to use after Grand Heist goes live, some of which can be seen below:

For more information about the upcoming Operation, including all of the additions to Multiplayer and Zombies, make sure to visit our Operation Grand Heist info page.

Remember that the Operation will be available first on the PlayStation 4 only when it goes live on February 19 and will be available on the Xbox One and PC a week later on February 26.