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Treyarch reveals release date for Arsenal Sandstorm and Deathmatch Domination

Published: 15/Apr/2019 19:02

by Eli Becht


An update to the fan-favorite map Arsenal and a brand-new Deathmatch Domination mode received a release date for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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We’ve known about the new Arsenal Sandstorm variant map and Deathmatch Domination mode were coming to Black Ops 4 for quite some time now, but Treyarch finally revealed an official release date for these two things.

Most Black Ops 4 updates (including new maps) hit PlayStation 4 first and then come to Xbox One and PC a week later, but Treyarch looks to be mixing things up a bit with this release.

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When do Arsenal Sandstorm and Deathmatch Domination come out in Black Ops 4?

The new map, Arsenal Sandstorm, drops on all platforms on April 16. This means PS4, Xbox One and PC players will all be able to hop into the action at the same time, something you don’t see happen a whole lot in Black Ops 4.


However, the new Deathmatch Domination mode drops on April 16 for PS4 but will only be available on that platform for a week. On the bright side, Xbox One and PC players get access to the Infected multiplayer mode on April 16.

ActivisionHow Arsenal normally looks in Black Ops 4.
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What is Arsenal Sandstorm?

Arsenal Sandstorm is a new weather variant of a map currently in Black Ops 4, known simply as Arsenal currently. 

Black Ops 4 has shown a tendency to release new weather variants as this will bring the total up to four in the game.

A new map and new mode are on the way to Black Ops 4.

What is Deathmatch Domination?

Unlike Arsenal Sandstorm, Deathmatch Domination is a brand-new mode being introduced into Black Ops 4 and it will be a mixture of two familiar Call of Duty game modes.


Those two modes are Deathmatch and Domination, hence the name, and will require players to gain score for their team by getting kills and holding objectives.