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Bizzare Call of Duty: Blackout glitch is sucking players under the map

Published: 19/Mar/2019 11:10 Updated: 19/Mar/2019 11:29

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Blackout players have stumbled onto a shocking new bug that can end games before they have even begun.

Call of Duty’s Apex Legends and Fortnite in the fight for Battle Royale supremacy, but that doesn’t mean players have completely abandoned the game mode that had been highly anticipated with the release of Black Ops 4.

A loyal fanbase has stuck around and been rewarded with additional content like the Hot Pursuit mode in the recent Grand Heist update. Yet, like other battle royales titles, the game still has its flaws – and players have uncovered a new game-breaking error when deploying into matches.


TreyarchFans had been extremely excited for the release of Blackout – but other BR games have taken the crown.

One fan, Reddit user Microwavedonut, posted a video of their misfortune to the Black Ops 4 subreddit, showcasing how they had landed in a completely new place – which just so happened to be under the map.

While sliding down a slope, the player was handed an MX9 – without looting – and proceeded to fire shots into a number of other players who also had the unfortunate luck of landing in the bizarre location. 

However, before they could claim a kill, the player was sent sliding down towards the ground and greeted with a “mistakes were made” death message in the in-game feed.


Found a secret area of the Blackout map! from r/Blackops4

Treyarch only recently released an update for the game on March 18, which fixed a number of issues in Blackout – but it seems they have missed this one.

Whether or not the bug is fixed anytime soon remains to be seen – but we suspect that the developers may nip this one in the bud in the near future.