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Bizarre Warzone bug is giving free victories to players stuck in Gulag

Published: 27/Mar/2020 1:22

by Brad Norton


A puzzling Warzone bug is trapping players inside the Gulag for such a long time that they’re outright winning battle royale matches.

Gulag adds a unique twist to the battle royale formula as Warzone’s unique form of afterlife serves as a way for players to earn a second chance at victory.

Rather than dying outright and calling it quits, players compete in 1v1s for a shot at dropping back into Verdansk once again. However, a bizarre glitch is keeping players trapped in the Gulag and handing out free victories.

Infinity Ward
Rather than actually competing in the Gulag, this bug leaves players trapped forever.

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Late into a March 25 round of Warzone action, Reddit user ‘Brittn64’ found themselves in the Gulag with only five players left in the entire lobby.


Left alone while “waiting for an opponent,” the countdown timer was stuck at zero while their teammates were left with nothing to do but spectate an empty Gulag.

As Verdansk was overrun with toxic gas, the map became nothing more than a red-zone as the final zones completely shrunk.

Leaving no safety except for the now-unreachable Gulag, the squad began to laugh as the final remaining players were taken out of commission.

“Something’s gonna happen. We’ve waited this long,” they joked before miraculously earning themselves a victory they hadn’t done anything to achieve.

I won a Warzone from the Gulag! from CODWarzone

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“No way,” one player said in disbelief while the “Warzone Victory” animation came across their screen. “That is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”


Confused as to how the glitch actually occurred, the last remaining player on the team outlined how they were dropped into the Gulag with “about 12 teams left.”

“It never gave me an opponent and it never released me. I just assume the other team died to the gas,” they explained.

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While there’s seemingly no consistent way to replicate the bug, other players have also been reporting long trips to the Gulag without any form of competition to keep them company and give them a second chance.

Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the issue, though it’s likely that such a severe glitch will be patched out in the immediate future.