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Call of Duty

Bizarre Modern Warfare glitch is giving players “unlimited XP”

Published: 9/Aug/2020 13:42

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty players have found a strange glitch with the Trials mode in Modern Warfare which is seemingly giving them free experience points (XP) to level up faster.

Call of Duty is known for its level progression system and despite some changes to the classic prestige model, Modern Warfare still requires players to unlock new weapons and attachments by earning XP.

It can often take a few matches of multiplayer modes or Warzone until you gather enough XP to level up but some players seem to have found a way around the long grind.


time trial course in Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s time trial courses are apparently rewarding players with free XP in Season 5.

It was revealed that one of the Season 5 missions in Modern Warfare’s Trials, which offers rewards for completing courses within a certain time, was giving players XP for failing the course.

Call of Duty YouTuber Acez Gaming highlighted this glitch, adding that players could earn up to 22,000 XP in a minute if they have a double XP token activated.

The content creator explained that simply dying to a sentry turret after shooting a target in the new ‘Shooting Range’ mission would reward you with three stars and plenty of XP.

Acez demonstrated that despite getting notified that his Trial attempt failed, it somehow gave him the maximum reward after leaving the game. The YouTuber added that, by simply repeating this process, it could be quite a game-breaking glitch, giving players tons of free levels for putting in little effort.


Although he claimed that it was an “unlimited XP glitch,” it does use up the trial tickets that you unlock through multiplayer games, meaning that it is not truly unlimited.

However, the glitch itself is still quite ridiculous and it is likely that Infinity Ward will be looking to patch this bug in a future update.