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Battlefield developer was briefly banned in Black Ops 4 for being too good at the game

Published: 24/Oct/2018 21:07 Updated: 24/Oct/2018 22:24

by Wyatt Donigan


Florian Le Bihan, Core Gameplay Designer for Battlefield V, was handed a ban in Black Ops 4 for what looks like being too good at the game.

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Like many people out there, Le Bihan has been playing a ton of Black Ops 4 since the game was released on October 12.

For Le Bihan, though, it seems as though his immense skill at playing the game over the last couple weeks has resulted in him receiving a brief ban from the game.

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Le Bihan Tweeted a screenshot of his Black Ops 4 PC account on October 23, saying “So I got banned from Black Ops 4 LOL.”


A couple hours later, Le Bihan followed up his initial Tweet with a highlight of some incredible gameplay footage. During the three-minute video, he can be seen racking up some ridiculously impressive pistol headshots while throwing in some nasty sniper shots to boot.

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It seems that the crazy amount of headshots that Le Bihan was pulling in could have triggered the game’s automatic ban system after being reported by one too many players, as one Twitter user guessed that this was “surely a combination of many reports + a rate of [headshots] too high [being] considered suspicious by anti-cheat system.” [Tweet translated from French]


This story has a happy ending, though, as Le Bihan Tweeted on October 24 that he had been freed and can now play the game.

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The developer didn’t end the ordeal without suggesting some balance changes to Treyarch, however, saying they should nerf the Dual Wield Saug 9mm SMG and giving Assault Rifles some buffs.

While things worked out for Le Bihan, he’s an example of why it might not always be good to report players who repeatedly kill you in crazy ways since they could actually just be really good at the game.