Aspiring CoD Player Starts GoFundMe to Chase his Dream After Being Made Homeless

Once a rising star in competitive Call of Duty, Anthony “DraMa” Padilla has fallen on hard times and is asking the community for help to continue to chasing his dream.

DraMa recently revealed that he had been made homeless, after he was evicted and then kicked out by his parents, saying that qualification for the World Championship in August was his ‘only hope’.

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But his team, Vertacon, were eliminated after two losses at the Last Chance Qualifier for CoD Champs, dashing his hopes of making the money he needs from the tournament.

After claiming to have applied for ten jobs but receiving no reply, DraMa has put his faith in the community to help him out, starting a GoFundMe page.

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He explained that after failing to land a job, he saw it as a “sign” to continue pursuing professional Call of Duty and to be “the best player to ever do it.”

Over the years I’ve grinded my heart out trying to accomplish my goals but have felt short every year do to really bad In real life experiences. For example, this year I went through really bad depression and alcoholism and it really affected my life and Call of Duty career terribly. I’m happy to say I’m over that though.

Unfortunately, a week ago I was Evicted from my home then kicked out by my parents, almost stuck living in the streets. I know it could’ve been avoided if I got a job but I have a bad relationship with my parents. We don’t speak very much and I wasn’t told we were in bad debt. Everything just hit me in really quick and I wasn’t ready for it.

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His attempt to qualify for the World Championship was, he says, “a risk” that didn’t pay off.

I took a risk after I got evicted. I could’ve helped my family out but by getting 2 jobs but instead I kept pursuing CoD and tried to qualify for CoD Champs. That way I could get the $3250 to put my family back in a house and could get my time in the spot light to show the community that I was really good again.

But DraMa claims he will reimburse everyone who donates when he ‘makes it’, asking anyone who does contribute to leave their Twitter handle as a message.

I’m asking for help from the CoD community please to help my family and I so I can keep on chasing my dream and make them happy again. I give you my word that I’m going to make it, and that’s on everything I love. I promise to pay everyone back once I make it so if you could please reply with your twitter @ on the donation, I’d really appreciate it.

With the WWII season now over for DraMa, he will presumably be focusing on the next title, Black Ops 4, set for release on October 12th, which will signal the start of the next competitive season.

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