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6 guns that Warzone needs

Published: 5/Jun/2020 15:56

by Shane King


Warzone has rocketed to popularity since its launch in March of 2020 and we have put together a list of classic weapons that could fit right into the battle royale.

The first gun on our list is Modern Warfare 2’s Intervention. Renowned for its speed and power, the sniper was the go-to choice for trick shotting in the popular Infinity Ward title.

Next up we have the Honey Badger from Ghosts which was very popular in public matches during the game’s lifespan. The weapon had an integrated silencer which would be very strong when it comes to Warzone as you’d stay off the radar.


Following this, we have another cult classic from Modern Warfare 2. The ACR is one of the most accurate rifles in CoD history and also packed a punch along with it. The weapon would give the M4A1 and Grau a run for their money if it joined the Warzone party.

The fourth weapon on our list the Spas-12 would add some much-needed consistency to the weak shotguns currently on offer in the battle royale mode.

The final two weapons we have are the MSR sniper from Modern Warfare 3 and the Vector from Ghosts. These two weapons where very popular during their eras and would be great additions for players to pick up in Verdansk.