5v5 ‘Rallied vs MBoZe’ CoD: Ghosts Showmatch ft. Fero, Felo, NAMELESS, Killa, and More!

. Last updated: Aug 28, 2018

OpTic Gaming content creator Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards has announced a 5v5 Ghosts Showmatch featuring past and present professional Call of Duty players.

The match, which is expected to be an intense and contentious affair, will begin at 6:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM ET.

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Here are the teams for the Ghosts match:

Team MBoZe

  • MBoZe
  • Nameless
  • Saints
  • TJHaly*
  • Attach*

Team Rallied

  • Rallied
  • Decemate**
  • Fero
  • Felo
  • Blazt

*Update: MBoZe’s team has been changed, Killa and Bullseye are being replaced by TJHaLy and Attach.

**Update: Rallied’s team has changed, Scump will be replaced by Decemate.

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As announced by OpTic Hitch, the rules will be a best of three Search and Destroy, with the first to 12 rounds winning a map.

Players will be limited on what guns they can use and can not have two of the same weapons on one team. The guns are as follows:

  •  Remington
  •  SC 2010
  •  Vector
  •  Mtar
  •  USR/L115

Ghosts Showmatch Stream

Watch live video from Hitchariide on www.twitch.tv[ad name=”article3″]

OpTic MBoZe announced the rosters on his Twitter account and some replies were not kind to his team’s chances.


Fero was a match away from leading Team Kaliber to being CoD Champions and Felo helped eUnited on a deep run as well.

Scump may not have had a great year by his standards, but he is still known as one of the top players in the game. Blazt was on the compLexity roster that outperformed expectations in Stage 2 of the Pro League.

Update: League stars Attach and TJHaLy joining the MBoZe team makes the rosters look more balanced on paper.

Saints is the only active Pro League player on MBoze’s squad, though NAMELESS participated in Stage 1 before retiring. NAMELESS finished second at the Ghosts World Championship in 2014.

MBoZe was on the OpTic team that placed third at the Ghosts Championship.

Killa is eligible to become a Pro League player next year since his suspension was only for the remainder of the WW2 season.