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10 ways Infinity Ward can improve Modern Warfare multiplayer

Published: 3/Nov/2019 23:04 Updated: 12/Nov/2019 17:49

by Albert Petrosyan


With the Call of Duty player-base complaining left and right about Modern Warfare, we’ve come up with a list of 10 ways that developers Infinity Ward can improve their 2019 title. 

There was a tremendous amount of hype and anticipation surrounding the release of Modern Warfare, and expectedly so, since it gave the player-some something totally new to play after a long year of Black Ops 4.

However, the game hasn’t really gotten off to a stellar start when it comes to the community’s approval, as many have complained nonstop about a variety of things in the multiplayer, such as the map design, weapon balancing, mini-map and more.


That said, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things Infinity Ward can do improve the multiplayer experience for their fans, many of which are simply addressing their concerns about what’s currently wrong with the game.

Revert mini-map to traditional version

Infinity Ward

The mini-map has been a topic of discussion really since the Beta version of Modern Warfare was released back in mid-September. Infinity Ward, of course, wanted to completely remove it from the main core modes, but eventually caved in and added it back during the Beta.

However, the mini-map still isn’t the usual one that most players have become accustomed to, since it doesn’t show enemy fire, and instead only shows red dots when there’s a friendly UAV or Personal Radar in the air.


Needless to say, players are still very unhappy with this change, and have repeatedly asked the developers to revert it back to the traditional version, especially since no one had really complained about the mini-map’s function in previous CoDs.

While there has yet to be any indication from IW on whether or not it will be reverted, a prominent leaker recently claimed that the change was going to be implemented in the very near future.

Fix the major issues with camera angles

The is a horrible issue with camera angles in Modern Warfare at the moment, one that allows players to expose parts of their body to enemies without being able to see the enemy players in return from that same position.


Needless to say, this is a huge problem because it can create situations in which players will get shot at and eliminated but won’t be able to see where the bullets came from.

Lower friendly footstep audio

Infinity Ward

Listening for footsteps and other audio cues is a huge part of the Modern Warfare multiplayer experience, so it’s pretty annoying the the footsteps of teammates sound just as loud as those of enemy players.

A good and easy way to fix this is to simply lower the volume of friendly footsteps, which would make it easier to distinguish them and allowing you to be able to instantly tell whether the player that’s walking nearby is a friend or foe.


Release good DLC maps

Infinity Ward

This may seem like an obvious one, but it needs to be said over and over again because many players believe that the multiplayer maps currently available in Modern Warfare are among the worst in Call of Duty history.

While Infinity Ward can’t fix the maps they’ve already released, they can at least make up for them by releasing better post-launch maps, especially since all DLC content will be free for all players.

In fact, it appears that this is already in progress, as files found from the latest update include a bunch of maps that could be added in the near future, including some classic fan-favorite ones from previous CoD games.


Limit the loud sound effects before and during matches

Infinity Ward

The footsteps are part of an overall issue with the audio in this game, and it didn’t take long for the abundance of loud sound effects to get on players’ nerves.

For example, the helicopters that drop you off at the start of matches are unbearably loud and can be heard well after the match starts. Kill-streaks are also extremely noisy, and it would be a positive change if you didn’t have to go through that for friendly kill-streaks called by teammates.

Just lowering the volume on things like that would undoubtedly be positively received by the community, or at least giving the option to players so they can lower it themselves if they’d like to.

Balance the overpowered weapons

Infinity Ward

Although the gun-play in Modern Warfare is generally well-designed, there are a few select weapons that are considerably more powerful than all of the rest.

The M4A1 assault rifle and 725 shotgun both come to mind, and they incidentally can be combined to form a devastating Overkill class, and since there’s no pick-10 system in this game, there is no limit on the number of attachments each one can be equipped with.

There’s no doubt that a weapon balancing patch is desperately needed so that some of the OP guns can be nerfed while the lesser-used weapons can be buffed.

Remove skill-based matchmaking


While Infinity Ward haven’t technically confirmed whether or not there’s SBMM in Modern Warfare multiplayer, enough in-game tests have been performed that indicate it’s very much in play.

This has angered a lot of the medium-to-higher-skilled players because it forces them to try their absolute best every single match since they’re constantly coming up against players around the same skill level.

Taking SBMM out will add the casual nature back to public matches, especially since the ranked mode that will eventually be added will offer enough SBMM on its own.

Bring back map voting in lobbies


Map voting in multiplayer has been a staple of Call of Duty games for seemingly forever, but for some reason, Infinity Ward felt the need to remove it when developing Modern Warfare.

Players have not only noticed this change but have voiced their negative opinions on it, since they no longer have the option to choose which map they want to play at the start of every match.

While it wouldn’t be the biggest change in the world, adding that feature back would certainly help improve the multiplayer and win over some fans.

Change scoreboards to show all relevant stats

Infinity Ward

For some reason, and no one has been able to figure out why, the scoreboards for certain modes don’t show all of the relevant stats they’ve included in almost every previous CoD title.

For example, Team Deathmatch scoreboards do not include players’ deaths, and when playing Domination, you can’t check how many captures you have until the match is over.

This is another change that’s not exactly priority number one but should still be something that Infinity Ward consider doing, especially since it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to implement.

Make scorestreaks the default

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward should definitely revert the default way of getting streaks to be earned via consecutive points earned rather than kills.

This is important because there is a huge camping issue in multiplayer, and having scorestreaks would incentivize players to play the objective more during matches, rather than camp in windows and rooftops waiting to kill stragglers and earn streaks that way.

Otherwise, it should be an option given to players in their settings, not a Perk they have to equip and waste a slot for just to play CoD the right way.